Did Justin Amash Want Brett Kavanaugh’s Life Ruined by Leftist Witch Hunt?

While Republicans everywhere were cheering and pounding brews following Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court last week, the Queen of the Never Trumpers – Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) – was whining alongside the liberals.

The former Ron Paul revolutionary turned sniveling Jeff Flake Republican took to Twitter to whine following Kavanaugh’s confirmation. The Republican establishment actually found its backbone and stood up for due process against a leftist witch hunt that would have shocked George Orwell himself, but the self-centered Amash is crying about being overshadowed.

Amash wasn’t done whining with that tweet. He went onto cry about how liberty is losing in the Republican Party. Perhaps it wouldn’t be losing if the liberty advocates in the GOP like Amash were actually effective.

Amash was joined by his colleague, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) who also whined throughout the day of Kavanaugh’s successful confirmation.

The fact that both of these men were morose and depressed as the Republicans gained a massive victory over the Democrats with implications for November’s mid-term elections should be eye-opening about their intentions. Kavanaugh’s judicial record is far from spotless, but his confirmation was a thunderous win against communist terrorist mobs hoping to hold Congress hostage for their far-left extremist agenda.

Rand Paul, the Senate’s premier liberty defender, gets the importance of the fight and cast his vote for Kavanaugh accordingly.

“Having looked at the totality of Brett Kavanaugh’s life and career, I am persuaded to vote for him today. The preponderance of evidence from hundreds of people who knew him and worked with him indicates he is a good man with a good reputation for integrity and character. Judge Kavanaugh is qualified, he has been vetted, and he should be confirmed,” Paul said.

He brought down the house during a speech at a Kentucky Trump rally last night:


Amash and Massie should look at what Paul is doing as an example for their work in the House. Paul has forged a close relationship with President Trump and is influencing his policies on healthcare, foreign policy and other key issues through his access to 45. Massie and Amash can do the same or become totally irrelevant in Trump’s GOP.

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