DNC Funds Drying Up As Donors Refuse To Hand Over Cash

It’s undoubtedly been a difficult year for Democrats. A year ago now, the party was preparing to stomp Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in the general election. His locker room talk about women, insulting remarks, and brash demeanor were all supposed to sink him. But the moment came when America refused to subscribe to identity politics and political correctness, and Donald Trump unexpectedly became President.

Democrats were faced with an identity crisis and a need to rebuild. Instead, the blame game began. Crying about everyone from the evil Russians to the corrupt James Comey commenced rather than introspection. The talk was all outward, without a willingness to look inward. Now the party is paying for it. Actually more fittingly, they won’t be able to pay for much of anything for much longer.

Politico interviewed a series of party leaders and spoke to donors as part of a piece highlighting the drying up of resources within the Democratic Party. Nebraska Democratic Party chairwoman Jane Kleeb stated that “donors, small and large, are so over the party,” while numerous donors have repeatedly told fundraisers to come back next year.

The Democratic Party has no vision and has failed to understand why it continues to lag. Arrogance alone has not been able to save them. For their lack of vision and competence, money isn’t incoming.

One donor told Politico, “you can’t just go to [donors] and say … ‘Support me, I’m the DNC.’ You have to rebuild the credibility.”

This seems to be a greater problem for the Democratic Party. As then-candidate Trump continued ruffling feathers and starting political fires, Democrats thought it was enough just to be Democrats. Despite low favorabililty ratings for Hillary Clinton, she was expected to win because she was a Democrat.

And it was because of this mindset, voters rejected a Democratic candidate.

Donors evidently aren’t buying it, either. This is dangerous for any major party, because the big money keeps the party afloat.

Party leaders also believe the rise of various “resistance” grassroots groups have contributed to the cash drop. The problem here is that many of these more progressive groups aren’t aligned with a party that nominated Clinton, as they typically favor the likes of Senator Bernie Sanders or even more radically socialist demagogues.

Whether it goes to liberal causes or not, it speaks volumes that the liberal fundraising isn’t going to the Democratic National Committee. Does this translate into good news for the Republican Party and the Trump Administration?

President Trump continues to engage in behavior that liberals and the mainstream media all describe with apocalyptic hyperbole. The end is near. But despite the imminent apocalypse, as noted by the tired propaganda, Democrats aren’t rising to the occasion. The donors aren’t seeing the world as almost over, or at least they’re not seeing the Democratic National Committee as the saviors.

Are we witnessing the fall of the Democratic Party? Or is this just another paradigm shift, where the current regime is burnt down with another faction rising up from the ashes?

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.


  1. Good article which, in many ways, describes the current political situation. I disagree with one small point. It isn’t so much that the Democrats have no vision, it’s that the Democrats don’t want us to know their vision. They’ve been trying to hide their real intentions for a long time. Their real vision is anti free enterprise, open borders, with more government control over and less personal freedoms for WE THE PEOPLE. How do you think that would go over in a campaign ad? That’s why Hillary Clinton had no message and had to go to identity politics and silly economics like raising the minimum wage. God forbid that she’d tell you what she really thinks. Although she screwed up at least once when she told the truth and said she wanted to put coal miners out of work.

  2. The democrats with a vision are anti-crony anti-capitalist, etc. so would destroy wall street. Think #Occupy. The rest are just rent seekers selling their (potential) vote to the highest bidder. The Clinton Foundation would be a multi-billion dollar company by now if she was elected.

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