Donald Trump Appoints Libertarian to Key White House Position


Donald Trump has appointed Don McGahn, a former member of the Federal Election Commission and the Trump campaign’s counsel, as the White House Counsel.

The White House Counsel advises the President on all legal issues surrounding the administration.

Interestingly, the Washington Post has described McGahn as a “libertarian election lawyer”, quoting President Obama’s White House Counsel, Robert F. Bauer, as saying “it will be interesting to see how Don’s suspicion of government — his deep libertarianism — will affect his advice on questions of executive authority.”

Bauer then added, “and as somebody who has never shied away from a fight, he would not likely be a ‘yes man’ in this or any other aspect of the job.”

Ken Jones, a colleague of McGahn’s at the law firm Patton Boggs, concurred in a profile of McGahn for Newsweek: “I would never have characterized [McGahn] as a go-along, get-along guy.”

Forbes noted that McGahn used to work for Freedom Partners, a non-profit free market organization closely associated with the Koch brothers, who are well known for their libertarian-leaning political views.

The appointment of McGahn should serve as some consolation to those concerned about the future of civil liberties under the Trump administration. If Bauer and Jones are correct about McGahn, we should expect him to be unafraid of standing up for his principles of limited, constitutional government, even when challenged by the President.


  1. Why would President Trump challenge him on the issues of “limited constitutional government?”

    • Surely this isn’t a serious question.

      Even a lot of people who vote for Trump recognize his penchant for calling for autocratic solutions.

      • People who dote on legacy media tripe believe many things that are not so. One of those things is that Trump intends to be an autocrat.

        • Something like registering all Muslims seems rather autocratic and unConstitutional, don’t you think (for starters…)? And that was POST-election…

          • Registering immigrants is required by law. You Democrats get confused because Obama ignores/violates the law ongoingly. Immigrants have no constitutional right that prevents religion to be included in that registration. Given the situation in Europe, ISIS threats and the virtual unanimity of terrorist attacks perpetrated by Muslims, it would be lunacy not to identify Muslims during the vetting process.

            I know for Obama and Hillary vetting requires only 2 questions, “Are you peaceful?” and “Will you vote for Democrats?” That seems a little cavalier to me.

            As for your doting on media tripe, here’s WaPo – I don’t normally use them, but since they are demonstrably anti-Trump it’s okay this time.

            ‘Trump has not stated clearly exactly what he favors, and he has even disputed reports that he supported the broader version of the Muslim database. His campaign released a statement late Thursday stating, “President-elect Trump has never advocated for any registry or system that tracks individuals based on their religion, and to imply otherwise is completely false.’ WaPo, Nov. 18.

          • Kellyanne Conway to Autocrat Media interviewer: “You did not take him seriously but you took him literally. We [and the American people] took him seriously but did not take him literally.”

          • Selena Zito first pointed that out as the difference between the mediaswine and Trump supporter.

        • Like Trump saying people should go to jail for burning the flag and other authoritarian nonsense. Not sure how eclectic Trumpy can get. My 2 dime guess is he wants to unite all non´left ideologies and use libertarians as an excuse for his autocratic pandering. I would NEVER have accepted such a job and/or resign at the first autocratic stunt.

          • In fact, we had flag-burning statutes for decades before the courts struck them down. In 2005, Hillary the Grifter co-sponsored the “Flag Protection Act,” criminalizing flag burning. More importantly, Obama has signed 250 or so autocratic “executive orders” intending to bypass Congress on a variety of issues and he has ordered acts of war without Congressional authority. If you “anti-Trumpy” Democrats didn’t have double standards, you wouldn’t have any standards at all.

            BTW, “eclectic” doesn’t fit with “authoritarian” in this context and libertarians would never condone “autocratic pandering.”

            As for you “accepting such a job,” you need not worry on that score. Trump is a populist. He isn’t looking for partisan lefty nimrods.

          • correct, but when the conservatives reverse these , democrats will be screaming like pigs ….

          • easy, put enough “conservatives on the Supreme Court, so they can reverse Roe v. Wade, and the flag burning is free speech, among others….it was fine for the democrats to change the system by the court…..must be ok for US to do the same….huh?

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