Donald Trump Jr: Leftist “Atmosphere Of Hatred” Is Tearing Our Country Apart!

Donald Trump Jr. has had enough of the ridiculous left-wing bias the mainstream media, and he is calling the crooked media out for their role in fomenting hate and violence that has made America less safe.

“[My father] condemned … the white nationalists and the left-wingers,” Trump Jr. said during his speech at an annual Faulkner University fundraiser in Alabama. “That should not have been controversial, but it was.”

From there, Trump Jr. brought up the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise, who was shot earlier this year at a Congressional baseball practice. The attempted assassin was a devout Bernie Sanders supporter and far-left Democrat who is a textbook example of violent liberal ideology manifesting itself in terrorism.

“He went out looking for Republicans to kill and we’re supposed to forget that,” Trump Jr. said.

It is also believed that the shooter responsible for the Las Vegas massacre, Stephen Paddock, was motivated by leftist political hatred. He targeted the Mandalay Bay while it was hosting a massive event of country music fans, a group commonly stereotyped by the liberal media as Trump partisans.

Trump Jr. didn’t just focus his ire on the media, but took shots at the atmosphere on university campuses around the country as well. He said that students were being taught to “hate their country… [and] religion” and blamed “Marxists” and “social justice warriors” for causing students to be “less educated than when [they] started” school.

“Today’s conservative speech is violence. Unprovoked liberal violence is self-defense,” Trump Jr. said, highlighting the double standard being inflicted upon American society due to political correctness.

It is rumored that Trump Jr. will be forced to testify to Congress in the near future due to his alleged role in a Russian hacking scandal of dubious merit. Based upon his speech in Alabama, Trump Jr. will have no problem boldly speaking the truth under the public microscope.

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