Donald Trump Proves Once Again He Can Outsmart the Main Stream Media

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a huge Donald Trump fan. In fact, in the Republican primary, not only was he not my first, second, or third choice, he wasn’t even in my top ten. My main reason for not being a Trump fan comes from the simple fact that I do not believe he understands the principles of a Constitutional Republic. If you do not even understand the foundations of which this government is founded upon, how can you be expected to select proper judges, reduce the regulatory minefield, or return this nation to its roots of a self-governing people.

That being said, as a political junkie, I have watched Donald Trump very carefully and I must give credit where credit is due. He has handled the media unlike any other candidate I have ever seen. Ronald Reagan was a master at handling the media, but Donald Trump uses his experience as a reality TV star and takes it to a whole new level.

The way that Donald Trump has managed to get the media to give him wall-to-wall coverage has really been truly amazing. During the Republican primary, Donald Trump managed to take things that would have doomed any other candidate and use it to catapult his campaign.

Donald Trump truly believes that there is no such thing as bad media coverage because even negative media coverage means that the media is talking about you.

Throughout the primary, many republicans stated that Donald Trump was a weak candidate, claiming that once he made it to the general election the media would turn on him. Republicans had seen what had happened to Dole, Bush, McCain, and Romney. We have seen how one candidate seems to get favorable media coverage during the primary and then the media sinks its teeth into the Republican candidate like a pit bull and does not let go.

I know many republicans over the last couple of weeks shake their head in despair as they watch the media play from the exact same playbook. This time it was not a drunk driving conviction or transporting a dog on the roof of the car. This time, the media blitzed the republican candidate with an avalanche of accusations covering Trump’s treatment of women. Regardless of whether these accusations are true or not, the media demonstrated their complete indifference to covering the news and showed their true partisan colors based solely upon the timing of the releases.

If last night is any indicator of the resiliency of Donald Trump, I think it is safe to say that Donald Trump has proven that he has once again outsmarted the mainstream media. Last night and this morning, it does not matter which cable network station you turn to, the mainstream media is covering the fact that Donald Trump is refusing to say that he will concede the election if he loses.

The media is once again giving wall-to-wall coverage for Donald Trump over something that the average American can care less about. The media is talking about an issue that is meaningless to the family of four who is struggling to pay the mortgage. However, the media is talking about Donald Trump, which means that Donald Trump’s name ID continues to rise in the eyes of the voters.

Throughout the Republican primary, I watched as Donald Trump said something stupid. The mainstream media would then give him wall-to-wall coverage talking about the stupid statement and everyone was then surprised when his poll numbers would go up. This did not happen once or twice, it happened so many times it was frustrating.

Donald Trump had a pretty solid debate. Donald Trump’s solid debate left the media with two choices. Either they could cover Donald Trump’s solid answers, or they could focus upon the silly question of whether Donald Trump is planning his speech that he might have to give if he loses to Hillary Clinton. Give me a break – we may be in the last quarter of this election, but the score is still close and we do not need to be planning resignation speeches yet.

The fact that the media is covering Donald Trump unwillingness to concede the election will actually invigorate his supporters and cause them to renew their efforts to help him win the presidency. The media is thinking that they are hurting Donald Trump with this wall-to-wall coverage, but in reality, this will backfire. My prediction is that poll numbers released this weekend will show a significant closing of the gap between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

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  1. Primary he kept running to the media fox CNN MSNBC CNN fox Trump the dumbest person running for president . I guess he out smarted you if you can tell hr helping Hillary win . Why Trump still in this when Hillary have him beat to keep the 3rd party vote divided .

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