How Donald Trump put Democrats on the hypocritical defensive

Rewind back to the months prior to the stunning presidential election and the picture we find is much different from today. The defeated and divided Democratic Party stood in an arrogant position of superiority. As countless polls seemed to paint a picture of imminent success, the Democrats positioned themselves to stomp the Republican Party. Assuming the polls were right, there was an offensive against the Republican Party.

A common storyline throughout the election cycle was the balance of the Supreme Court, which former President Barack Obama sought to tilt to the left to complete his legacy. Merrick Garland was his nominee and, while not as progressive as some had hoped, still sufficiently liberal enough to make conservatives uncomfortable.

Republicans gambled on an improbable presidential victory and blocked Garland, insisting the next President should pick the nominee. Democrats, at the time, reacted furiously with strong hyperbole. The refusal to act was viewed as obstructing the processes of government, something many liberals even labeled as unconstitutional.

Everything changed.

Just as the narrative about not accepting the election results changed, Democrats are changing their approach on Supreme Court nominees. Now many Democrats in Congress are calling upon their partisan colleagues to block the nomination and essentially give Judge Neil Gorsuch the same treatment Merrick Garland received from Republicans.

Political karma is fine, but the Democrats are now betraying their own rhetoric.

Once upon a time, it was against the dignity of the Senate and obstructive towards functional government to block a nomination. Does decorum change with political convenience? Does the function of government rely on partisan scores?

The problem with extreme rhetoric is it is always short sighted. Democrats gambled on heavy words in hopes it would strike down their opponent. It didn’t. American voters refused to accept the hyperbole and rhetoric, instead opting for a different message.

Not only did the rhetoric fail, but it also backfired.

What’s worse is that some Democrats even implied that the Republican tactics were a violation of the Constitution. Does the Constitution state that the Senate has to act a certain way with respect to executive nominations? Does the Constitution present separation of powers or bind branches to be subservient to the will of another?

If it does, Democrats have little concern now. If it doesn’t, the Democrats lied to start. Either way, integrity lacks.

Do Democrats in the United States Senate have any constitutional knowledge or respect for the Senate? It would appear they have neither.

President Donald Trump may not be perfect, but he has helped shake up the political establishment. His candidacy and now presidency have shown the mainstream media, with specific respect to CNN, to be fake news propagandists. The Republican Supreme Court gamble has exposed the Democratic Party to be hypocritical and against the Constitution.

When did Democrats decide that it was time to partake in the tactics they once criticized? Political convenience and partisan vitriol can bring down the integrity of politicians and political entities. Here it has, once again, compromised any hope the Democratic Party has of being consistent and principled.

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.

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