Donald Trump’s disturbing promise to America

Donald Trump has formally accepted the Republican nomination after the #NeverTrump failed to stop him. While it was widely accepted and celebrated at the National Convention, there are a number of Republican holdouts. Senator Ted Cruz, the man who came closest to defeating Trump, has opted not to endorse Trump. Former Governors Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney have openly stated they won’t support Trump, among others.



A lot of this is due to Trump’s demeanor. His endorsement of authoritarian principles is nothing new for Republicans, but the fact he openly says mean things is uncomfortable for many moderate Republicans.

For conservatives and libertarians, the concerns are greater. He has not hid from the fact that he believes he is the man with all the answers. Pledging to build a wall around the country, automatic death penalty for cop killers, and calling Edward Snowden a traitor all illustrate the personality of an individual who wants a controlled, caged nation.

But perhaps the most disturbing thing he has said yet came at the Republican National Convention, after the nomination was official when he came to accept it. He noted America’s many problems, which are valid. Jobs are leaving the country, violence is on the rise, and crime is excessive. The issues are are complex in nature, but Donald Trump makes it sound simple.

“I alone can fix it.”

At it’s face, that’s a remark that all politicians believe. To be in politics, there is a degree of ego that is needed, especially when running for President. The modern Presidency has become a growing dictatorship. President Barack Obama illustrated it when he was frustrated with Congress for not passing his immigration reforms, he openly stated that he would just bypass Congress and do it himself. Presidents are largely accustomed to being able to do it all now, constitutional or not.


Trump believes that he can do it all himself. He stated he will stop jobs from leaving the nation. How is a President going to do that? Under the Constitution, a President could suggest ideas and present them to the Congress, but legislation must go through them. Even at that point, constitutionally, the Congress is limited on what it can do.

If anything, businesses are leaving the country because of the excess of government involvement. Increasing government intervention in the markets will only make things worse.

Trump has also pledged to put an end to crime and violence in America as soon as he sets foot in office. How? Both have not only been commonplace in American society since the founding, but have been in existence since the beginning of time. Human beings are imperfect and thus, crime and even violence will occur. How will Trump finally put an end to it all?

Given that Trump has stated he feels NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is a traitor, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Trump would consider more of the programs Snowden exposed. Stop crime and violence through the executive branch? There could be an increase in monitoring phone calls, intercepting and cataloging personal data, wiretapping, etc. The possibilities are numerous, given it seemed to bother Trump more the programs were exposed, rather than the fact they exist in the first place.

While there is a degree of absurdity in the Republican #NeverTrump crowd that portrays Trump as being a new era of authoritarianism in the Republican Party and America, it is hardly new. But it doesn’t make it any less dangerous. Donald Trump has made a promise to do it all alone and specifically stated not a single other human being can do it. He alone is the answer to every question and the light we’ve all been searching for.

One man doing it all? There is a term for that type of government: dictatorship.

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.

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