Don’t Be Manipulated By The “Divide & Rule” Strategy


It’s a tactic that goes back to the dawn of civilization.  The ruling class of a particular area effectively gains control over the dissemination of information.  They then use this control to instigate and perpetuate conflict between various groups under their rule.  The general population (the ruled), having been educated in schools controlled by their ruling class, largely fails to recognize this propaganda.  They fall under the spell of believing that the source of their oppression stems from other groups rather than from the ruling class itself.

This tactic is as strong today as ever.  The ruling class benefits immensely by keeping those under their rule (“us”) fighting against each other instead of joining together to fight against them.  Everyday, the state controlled media fills their radio, television, and internet outlets with story after story of apparent wrongdoing being done by one group against another.

Perpetuation of conflict between groups is so prevalent that it’s impossible to keep track of them all:

Racial conflict today is perpetuated by the Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter debate.  Rarely does either side of this debate acknowledge that it is the ruling class which is the primary threat to lives.  That it is they who are able to get away with mass murder simply by manipulating language and calling it “war”.  That it is their police forces whom have become excessively militarized, and whom far too many of act as judge, jury, and executioner when dealing with the ruled population.  If both groups would simply come to the mutual agreement that every single life does indeed matter, then perhaps they could see that no group of people takes more innocent lives than the rulers and the ruling class – the state.  But the major media, controlled by the ruling class, refuses to point out this fact.  While both groups bicker and quarrel amongst themselves, the ruling class sits back and smiles.

Xenophobia is rampant as the ruled are led to believe that it’s the fault of the Mexicans or the Chinese for “stealing our jobs”, or why crime is so prevalent.  Conflict comes when those who believe this narrative are called racists and bigots by others.  Despite the fact that both sides will likely agree that the economy and the crime rate both leave a lot to be desired, they are blinded by their quarrels to see that both issues stem from, and are advanced by policies created by the ruling class.

Religious conflict keeps everyone either hating or defending those who practice Islam.  Alongside the “divide and rule” tactic, another favorite ploy of the ruling class is to conjure up fear of some “other” that poses a danger and a threat to the ruled populace.  So-called Islamic terrorism has provided the perfect scapegoat for the rulers to perpetuate both tactics.  The resulting conflict comes between those who want to blame Islam and its believers for every occurrence of violence in the world, and those who blindly defend those same people without caveat.  The truth is that much of the terrorism that does occur is from the hands of people who claim Islam.  This, however; cannot be blamed on the religion, but rather on the hatred and desire for revenge that develops as a result of the rulers’ constant militant intervention in regions heavily populated by believers of Islam.

Sexual conflict stems from senseless debates about whether homosexuals should be allowed to marry, whether or not bakers should be forced to bake cakes, and where transvestites can or can’t go to the bathroom.  Even though both sides have legitimate beliefs, they despise the other and want their ruling class to force those they disagree with to alter their behaviors.  This plays straight into the desires of the rulers.  Using force is all they know, and when those under their rule come to them begging for them to use force, they will gladly oblige.

Political conflict keeps the ruled pointing the finger at the “conservatives” or the “liberals” instead of seeing the obvious truth for themselves that both parties are simply different sides of the same coin.  Every election season, the ruled get in line to cheer for their choice of new ruler.  Because there is often so little substantive difference between the choices, people latch onto nonsensical reasons to support their chosen one.  Reasons as vague as “it’d be cool to have the first woman president”, “I feel like I could have a beer with him”, “he’s a businessman”, or “she’s got experience.”  The most common reason given for why someone supports any particular ruler is that they are not as bad as the alternative.  Clearly, this is all nonsense, and instead of clamoring for a new ruler, a far better use of time would be for everyone to ask themselves – “do I really need a ruler to manage and control my life?”

Constantly, the perception of the great struggle between “us” and “them” is that of divisions between ordinary individuals along the lines detailed above.  In reality, the only real “us” and “them” is “us” the ordinary individuals, and “them” the ruling class who hold all the power.  It is “them” who perpetuate conflict, violence, and resentment among “us” while at the same time managing to keep fingers pointed between factions of “us” instead of at “them”.  It is “them” who have special rights that the rest of “us” do not have, and it is “them” who claim power to take rights away from “us”.  “We” certainly do not need “them”.

Jared graduated in 2009 from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently employed as an energy efficiency consultant in New Jersey, drives for Uber in his spare time, and is an aspiring entrepreneur. He came to the philosophy of liberty through the Ron Paul presidential campaigns, and has evolved into a voluntaryist anarchist through reading and listening to the Tom Woods Show.

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