#DraftOurDaughters: Hillary’s Wars Need Women, Too!


Hillary Clinton is, in her words, a “progressive.” In fact, she is so progressive that she has drawn in millions in contributions from Wall Street bankers, takes a “public and private” stance on every issue, and wants to pursue a policy of aggression towards nuclear-armed Russia that makes Donald Rumsfeld look like Ron Paul in comparison.

Much has been made this election cycle about Hillary’s cracking of the “glass ceiling” and becoming the first major party presidential nominee. And now, Hillary wants to extend the opportunity to crack the glass ceiling to every woman in America by forcing them to register to be drafted into combat.

In June 2016, Hillary Clinton, along with fellow neoconservatives Lindsay Graham and Claire McCaskill, expressed support for requiring our nation’s young women to register for Selective Service.

At the time, Hillary’s support for women registering for the draft seemed like a benign overture to the feminist left- a legislative virtue signal in lockstep with the radical egalitarian idea that “anything men can do, women can do too.”

Now, as the warhawk Democrat rattles the sabres towards a nation with a nuclear arsenal larger than ours and an actual war becomes more likely, it turns out that women aren’t so excited about going to war after all.

On Thursday, the hashtag #DraftOurDaughters began appearing on Twitter and Facebook alongside images promoting Hillary’s stance on women being drafted. Many of the images, which copied Hillary’s advertising aesthetic and ethos perfectly, featured women in uniform or small girls alongside pro-war slogans echoing Hillary’s policies on war. Take a look at some featured below:








This campaign is effective for three reasons: one, it fits in seamlessly with Hillary’s tough talk on Russia. Her aggression towards Russia- a nation that is apparently responsible for the contents of John Podesta’s emails and her campaign’s repeated violations of finance law- is real and palpable to the American voters. The 70 million Americans watching the final debate between Donald Trump and Hillary witnessed firsthand her desire to take on Russia when she pivoted away from the question about her “dream” of “open borders” and used the time to instead attack Putin.

Secondly, Hillary’s campaign is boring and predictable. It was revealed in leaked emails that the tweets sent by the campaign are meticulously scripted, proofread, analyzed, and vetted. Her advertising aesthetic has been nearly a carbon copy of Barack Obama’s, even down to the font. This makes parody- and, in this case, subversion- very easy.

Much to the Clinton campaign’s assured chagrin, the #DraftOurDaughters campaign is working. At press time, the hashtag was the second-place trending topic in the United States, with many users expressing dismay at Hillary’s plan to send our nation’s young women to die in combat.

Some even saw Clinton’s plan as a conspiracy to suppress Black Lives Matter for being too “woke”:


As reactions continue to pour in, more voters- especially women- are beginning to see the disastrous, violent consequences Hillary’s foreign policy would have for the United States and our military.

Perhaps most importantly, the #DraftOurDaughters campaign exposes the very real consequences of total and complete “gender equality.” For women, sharing equal responsibility means more than just being able to enlist in the military or having a career if you choose. Men get drafted. Men can be forced to go to war. Men can be forced to die in the service of our people and our Constitution.

True gender equality isn’t just a hashtag and a Katy Perry song. In the case of forced military service, it can be a matter of life and death.

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