The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend: What Ted Cruz knows and Conservatives don’t Understand

Yesterday, I received an email from Kelli Ward saying that she would be running against Republican Senator Jeff Flake. For those of you who don’t remember, Kelli Ward ran against Senator John McCain in the Republican Primary this year.

In the last several days, I have heard reports that conservatives are planning on challenging Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House. Hardly a day goes by that I do not hear some story about some Republican fighting against another Republican.

It does not matter if you are a conservative, a moderate, or an establishment republican, your enemy right now is the same — the socialistic platform that is being pushed by the Democratic party. As a liberty minded conservative, I love to fight for the principles of limited government. While establishment republicans run on a platform of limited government, I do not expect that they will ever vote for limited government as long as they are in leadership.

That being said, attacking establishment republicans weeks before the general election is a very bad idea. This presidential election has been very divisive for the Republican party. Donald Trump is not doing himself any favors in how much time he is spending attacking those whom he desires to support him. That being said, you are not accountable for Donald Trump’s actions, you are accountable for your actions.

I don’t care if you love Donald Trump or you hate his guts and think he will be the worst president in our nation’s history. If you cannot support Donald Trump, there are still plenty of other elections that you can focus upon. Rather than spend your time attacking Donald Trump because he is an unproven political commodity, why don’t you spend your time working for some other political candidate whose ideas are in line with your own? I can tell you from first-hand experience, there are plenty of congressional candidates who would love for you to volunteer an hour in their office or write some positive Facebook post on their behalf.

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is running against Hillary Clinton. The time to fight Donald Trump was in the primary. Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and 15 other Republican candidates all threw their hat in the ring. Ted Cruz did not win and you do not hear him in the media attacking Donald Trump like he did during the primary. If Ted Cruz were to start attacking Donald Trump, the media would love it and would cover it all day.

Ted Cruz understands that he may have lost the battle but he has not lost the war for the principles of liberty. As such, Ted Cruz is busy crossing the state of Texas helping Texas Republicans. Ted Cruz is not crossing the country as a surrogate for Trump. Cruz is helping those candidates who he believes best represent his principles. Cruz is building allies for the future.

Unlike Ted Cruz, Kelli Ward has decided that she is going to attack the enemy of her enemy in the middle of a battle. Senator Jeff Flake has a Heritage Action Score Card of 68% and a FreedomWorks Score Card of 90%. Ward has decided to attack Flake two weeks before the 2016 elections. She is showing how selfish she is because she is asking for fundraising dollars at a time when money should be going to races that will be decided in the next two weeks.

Kelli Ward should be following the example of Ted Cruz and she should be traveling around the state of Arizona helping those republican candidates who are in tight races. She should be using her fundraising and volunteer lists to help other candidates whom she believes are fighting for her principles. She should be using the 2016 general election to help others so that in turn, they will be around to help her when she decides to run for higher office. The time for Kelli Ward to announce her plans to run for U.S. Senate is on November 9th and not a day earlier.

I don’t care if you hate Paul Ryan and you think he is the scum of the earth, he is still the enemy of your enemy today. The time to command headlines over replacing Paul Ryan is November 9th and not a day earlier. If you think he needs to go, spend your time right now working for a congressional candidate who espouses the principles of liberty.

I can tell you from past experience, that there will be several Congressional races that will come down to a few thousand votes. For example, in 2014, Johnny Tacherra almost beat democratic incumbent Jim Costa. In 2014, Johnny Techerra received almost no attention by the establishment republicans. Johnny Techerra is running against Costa again, and again, he is receiving almost no attention from the establishment.

If you want to replace Ryan or ensure Ryan fights for conservative principles, help those candidates who the establishment is ignoring. Help them win and you will do more to change Washington then you will attacking the enemy of your enemy.

If liberty loving conservatives desire to return this nation to a self-governing people and reduce the regulatory environment, they need to learn when to pick their battles. Stop fighting the enemy of your enemy until November 9th. There will be plenty of time to fight for the principles of liberty. Until November 9th, do not attack the enemy of your enemy but go out and push for the candidates that you believe best represent your values.


  1. The enemy of my enemy is my friend; character doesn’t matter. Sharon Tate was a liberal, so we should all consider Charles Manson our friend.

  2. Flake needs to go.
    There is no time that is too early to start removing him.
    Yesterday or last week or last month would have been fine.

    • Flake needs to go ……

      …….kick Kelli Ward’s ass! She is going to lose harder than she lost to McCain.

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