Even in Texas, Diversity Warriors Hurl Racist Accusations at Conservatives

Even the reliably red-state Texas is being subjected to insane diversity battles at its colleges. A case in point occurred at Texas A&M University, with the focus of the debate concerning a retreat designed to provide a “support system” for incoming freshmen.

The location of the retreat, Fish Camp, has since time immemorial been organized “to welcome freshmen into the Aggie family by sharing the traditions and values of Texas A&M University and creating a universally accepting support system that allows them to build relationships and embody the Aggie spirit.”

But despite this laudable purpose, Hispanic student Cynthia Mendiola has attacked the Camp for its lack of diversity based on its group photos.

In a tweet drenched with sarcasm, Mendiola posted photos of those at the event, and claimed that Fish Camp is “mainly white,” and as such, repels minorities from attending the retreat because of being outnumbered by Caucasians. The victim canard was, yet again, in plat.

But unfortunately for Mendiola, her photos did show diversity, as Hispanics were present in the photos amongst other disparate racial groups. Unlike other universities, not all students are being stunned into silence out of fears of being labeled racists.

Hispanic student Andrea Argenal, who characterizes herself as the “loudest and proudest member of the Aggie Class of 2020,” fought back against Mendiola by claiming the latter was a bigot:

“It is this kind of bigotry that I hope to keep out of A&M,” she wrote. “She doesn’t deserve to be an Aggie, we stand for our core values, not skin color.”

But true to politically correct form, Mendiola accused Argenal of being a race traitor of sorts because of the latter’s support for Trump:

“How are you an immigrant AND a minority (in both sex and ethnicity) and somehow STILL whitewashed?????? LMAOOOOO. If y’all think I’m about to let a Trump supporting wannabe-white Latina make me feel bad about myself? Y’all really thought.”

Despite the aggressive onslaught from this deranged social justice warrior, Argenal has refused to back down:

“I tweeted that because I am sick and tired of people judging each other based on the color of their skin. I look white, but I was born and raised in Nicaragua, and up until this past year, lived almost on the border with Mexico.”

And she fired back at those accusing her of bigotry, attacking them as the true bigots:

“[My critics] are being no better than the people they claim are ‘excluding’ them,” evidenced by their immediate attacks on the white color of my skin, calling me white as if…that was some kind of insult.”

Argenal was not without supporters on social media, with one commenter accusing Mendiola of blasting a tolerant and welcoming retreat “that is trying to create a loving and supporting environment for freshmen no matter what they look like.”

The push-back from students against politically correct merchants like Mendiola should be an example to other colleges, showing that those who use diversity as a weapon frequently do so with empty slogans.

Ron Capshaw is a Senior Contributor to The Liberty Conservative from Midlothian, Va. His work has appeared in National Review, The Weekly Standard, and the American Spectator.

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