The Evolution of Firearms: Enhanced Weapons Will Increase Your Survival Odds

In this developing technological age, the threats are growing more dangerous than ever before. Criminal elements, radicalized extremists, and even overbearing government officials are stockpiling arms like never before. The marketplace is responding with innovations to make sure consumers are able to protect themselves in this dangerous world. That is how the AK-50 was born.

Fayetteville, North Carolina gun manufacturer Brandon Herrera is a rifle specialist. He has been working on a modification of an AK-style weapon that would fire 50 caliber rounds. Although this weapon may be heavier and less practical than a standard semi-automatic firearm, it very well may give an individual the edge that they need to get out of a bigger-an-usual jam.

News2Share covered Herrera and his quest to create this rifle, and published a video with their findings earlier this month:

“I think it has killing power up to a little over 3,000 yards away,” Herrera said. He claims that his target audience for the AK-50 is “high-end collectors and maybe a couple of friendly foreign militaries.” Unfortunately for Herrera, President Trump recently beat him to the punch in Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

In the video, Herrera showed off his prototype for the AK-50. His AK-50 is projected to have a finished weight of 32 pounds compared to a traditional AK-47 that only weighs approximately eight pounds. The larger weight is preferable because it will result in less recoil for the shooter, Herrera explained.

Herrera fired off a prototype version of the AK-50 in the video. It was first tested with a blank, and then followed up with a live round. Both test firings were considered successful. This has been over three years in the making for Herrera, but the finished product is not ready to hit the shelves quite yet. The AK-50 is not expected to be ready for commercial production until early 2018.

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