Eyewitness Report: ANTIFA Outmaneuvers Police During Chapel Hill Confederate Statue Protest

Yesterday night, Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA and other extremist left-wing groups gathered on McCorkle Place on northern side of the University of North Carolina campus in Chapel Hill to demand the tearing down of Silent Sam, a Confederate Civil War memorial dedicated to fallen alumni soldiers.

Initially, the demonstration started with the usual left-wing protest chants of “Hey Hey Ho Ho, Silent Sam Has Got To Go!” and “Cops & The Klan Go Hand-In-Hand” and other rehashes of 60’s protest anthems. The left is forever locked in the time warp of the Civil Rights era.

As the evening wore on, the demonstration became increasingly aggressive and took on more of a mob tone. At one point, an ANTIFA member, wearing a black bandana over his face, assaulted a bystander wearing the iconic red Trump hat. They initially placed a banner in front of the Trump follower, in order to conceal his hat of hate. As time passed, they surrounded him and became more aggressive. His hat was eventually stolen by a masked ANTIFA thug and then tossed into a cheering crowd. He was harassed to the point of having to be escorted out of McCorkle Place. The simple presence of alternative ideas or symbols is enough to warrant assault and the denial of basic rights, according to ANTIFA and their sympathizers.

Sometime later, two ANTIFA members were arrested by the police for wearing masks in a public place and resisting arrest, both misdemeanors. In southern US states, it is illegal to wears masks at public rallies for obvious historical reasons pertaining to the Ku Klux Klan. As soon as the police apprehended the criminals, ANTIFA began to actively challenge the police. Outnumbered and sensing an escalating aggression from the mob, the Chapel Hill Police made a scramble with their suspect to Hyde hall, a university administrative building, while being harassed by ANTIFA every step of the way with demands to release their comrade.

With the criminal secured there, ANTIFA became increasingly aggressive toward the barricaded cops. Seemingly trapping themselves in Hyde Hall, the police stopped securing the building externally and retreated indoors. A few moments later, the police quickly moved the captured ANTIFA member out a side door of Hyde Hall into a paddy wagon. What happened next was incredibly shocking, as the police van with their captor began heading due east, ANTIFA members rushed out into the streets to block traffic and stand in front of the police van in order to prevent them from leaving. While blocking the police van with their bodies and banging repeatedly on the front hood of the vehicle with their fists, they forced the police van with the captured ANTIFA member back to its starting point.

In an incredibly terrifying display, the ANTIFA terrorists were able to get the police to back down, retreat off of Franklin Street, and back into the parking lot adjacent to Hyde Hall. Never in all my days have I seen the police so out maneuvered before. The fact that this chaotic mob was able to dictate to the police where they could and could not go was jarring, and shows the limits of the ability of cops to keep the public safe. The Chapel Hill Police and the Sheriff’s Department were always on the defensive in their clashes with ANTIFA; they were always reactionary instead of proactive. Eventually, the police did secure and remove the two alleged perpetrators, however, it came after several failed attempts to extract them from protest area.

The Chapel Hill Police and the Sheriff’s Department handed BLM and ANTIFA victories by backing down to them. Emboldened by these small victories, they will surely be more aggressive in the future. To the credit of the police, they do have the self-control and the discipline of monks. Throughout the day, they were constantly harassed and never once did I see them act aggressively towards what over time became an intimating mob. The police were carrying protective gas masks, but never deployed riot-control measures. In essence, one could say that they dealt with ANTIFA with kid gloves.

The long term goal of the left is to deconstruct the history of the United States. After all the Civil War memorials are torn down, the radical left will have grounds to target the founding fathers and destroy symbols and ideas representing them. With the founding fathers destroyed, the path will be fully cleared to dismantle the Constitution and all its protections. I mean, who will be able to argue with the “Washington and Jefferson were slave owners too!” rationale once the precedent is set with the removal of these Confederate monuments?

The long term end goal is to dismantle the foundational building blocks of this nation, and replace them with modern cultural Marxism. Just as the Taliban and ISIS continue to destroy historical symbols in the territories they conquer and displace them with their own ideology, the left seeks to do the same. Make no mistake about it, the modern-day left is just as vicious as ISIS and will. ANTIFA and BLM didn’t claim victory tonight, but they did gain some momentum in a fierce battle that is really just getting started.


  1. Why are the police not shooting when they are being imprisoned (surrounded) and kidnapped (forced to move against their will) by Antifa and BLM? It was observed that people riding on the same Soros-funded chartered buses were wearing both KKK and BLM t-shirts and laughing and joking with each other while on the bus until they exited the buses and separated. Soros apparently staged both sides of the Charlottesville event.

    This reminds me of the border police in Europe who are issued machine guns and just let the Islamic Invasion Army walk right through the border or climb over fences to get through the border. The machine guns are issued to the border police to use to stop by deadly force the Islamic Invasion Army entering Europe.

    It seems that all police agencies worldwide have been given stand down orders to allow the Left to violate all the laws. Failure of the police to shoot at the Left is emboldening the Left to engage in more unlawful activity.

    • You should start shooting at everyone you don’t like. I can’t wait to see what would happen to you.

      But just remember: you idiots aren’t the only ones with guns.

  2. Why let it escalate like that? It’s the fault of the police for letting the situation escalate as it did, either show your athoritah or call in backup who is able to show their athoritah and control the situation (like the national guard).

    I’m not condoning the antifa terrorists behavior by any means, and I think they should all be shipped to Afghanistan, but the police must be policing (controlling) situations like this and stopping them from growing to an unmanageable incident where you are forced to take drastic measures like using lethal force on the terrorists.

    • im sure that the police were given orders to no be aggressive towards ANTIFA, the university is liberal after all.

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