Fake News Tries To Downplay Kid Rock’s Senate Chances With Suspect Poll

Kid Rock’s Senate prospects have never looked brighter, but the mainstream media is trying to throw a wrench into all of that. They pushed a poll that showed that Kid Rock is far behind his prospective opponent, Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI).

The Marketing Resource Group, a Michigan-based polling firm, claims that Kid Rock, real name Robert Ritchie, is losing to Stabenow by a massive 52-to-34 percent margin. The Detroit Free Press, a liberal rag who Kid Rock banned from covering his concerts are reveling in the news.

“If Kid Rock is serious about running for the U.S. Senate in Michigan, he may have his work cut out for him,” Todd Spangler said today in his Free Press report.

Looking at who is behind the polling firm, there is a massive conflict of interest. The president and founder of MRG, Tom Shields, has a rap sheet of cronyism going back many decades in the Michigan Republican Party. He is connected to all of the entities that work tirelessly to prop up the corrupt status quo of the GOP that Trump famously shook up last year.

“Shields is a Board Director of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Chamber Services Corporation and the Advisory Board of the Lansing Community College Marketing Department. He was appointed by Governor John Engler to serve on the Michigan Film Commission and the Michigan Workforce Development Board,” the official MRG website states.

With the Michigan GOP desperate to derail the Trump train and stop other populist candidates from tapping into Trump’s incredible potential, this convenient poll was produced and parroted by Kid Rock’s enemies in the mainstream media to create the appearance that he is a big underdog.

“Kid Rock would have an uphill climb against Stabenow if he were serious about getting into the race,” Shields said in a statement.

That is certainly the perception that the mainstream media wants to prevail regarding Kid Rock’s chances for Senate, just as they wanted the public to think that Trump had no chance to win the Presidency. Kid Rock, if he so chooses, will have a chance to embarrass the pollsters and put the mainstream media in its place if he officially throws his hat into the ring.


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