Federal Agency Promotes Multiple Genders While Only Offering Male or Female Restrooms


At a recent visit to the Department of Education (DOE), I saw a “Genderbread Person” poster prominently displayed in the main lobby. The poster states that “gender isn’t binary.” It also states, “It’s okay if you’re hungry for more. In fact, that’s the idea.”

I decided to do some further investigating. I looked around the building to see all of the restrooms for the multiple genders. Surprise, surprise! The restrooms in the DOE are marked either “Men” or “Women”. The DOE claims they have reached the “educated” position that gender isn’t binary. Nonetheless, they give their employees a binary choice when it comes to using the restroom. As a child, I was taught that “your talk talks, and your walk talks, but your walk talks louder than your talk talks”. By not providing its employees with multiple gender restrooms, the DOE’s “walk” speaks louder than their “talk.”

The answer to this rhetorical question is simple. The DOE does not believe its own propaganda. If they really believed that gender is not binary, the restrooms in the Department would be marked as such. This means that the concept of multiple genders is a political belief with a political agenda. Unfortunately, this absurd political belief leads to the DOE’s ridiculous and hypocritical position.

The Department is telling this nation’s students to do as we say, not as we do. The bureaucrats within the Department are concerned with their own safety. They are not concerned about the safety of your children. This poster should be “Exhibit A” as to how the DOE is pushing a radical agenda upon your children. They are proceeding aggressively with this radical agenda, and parents across the country should take notice.

This raises the question: Is it the purpose of the DOE to be promoting a cheap political agenda? Is it their job to be forcing that agenda upon local schools using federal dollars? If you are a parent, who do you want teaching your children about their political outlook on life? Do you think that the bureaucrats in Washington D.C. should be dictating to your child’s teacher that they must teach your child that gender is not binary? Do you think that your child should be told that they are stupid because they answer “2” to the question “How many human genders are there?”

If you are like a majority of Americans who believe that there are only two types of gender, you have to ask yourself: What right does the Federal Government have in being allowed to indoctrinate children? The answer the golden rule. I am not referring to the golden rule practiced by Jesus Christ. “Do unto others as you want them to do unto you” is clearly not the policy of the DOE, far from it. The golden rule in Washington D.C. is: He who has the gold makes the rules. It works that way pretty much every time.

Because the amount of money that the Federal Government sets aside for education is so vast, the DOE must establish guidelines deciding who gets the money. It is a well-established fact that regardless of what party is in power in the White House, the vast majority of the Federal employees are Democrats. Look at how many federal government workers gave to Trump last year as compared to Clinton for evidence of this phenomenon. The article showed that DOE employees gave 99.7 percent of all funds donated to Clinton while giving 0.3 percent to Trump. Nobody should be surprised when democratic talking points are pushed upon your children due to federal policy–especially when these bureaucrats can force compliance by attaching federal dollars.


  1. See that cookie man with a brain and it says identity, yet there are only two bathrooms. So they are teaching it’s all your head. Good for government.

  2. How to confuse children by giving them information that they shouldn’t’ have to be dealing with at an age of naïveté, when they are so impressionable and see and understand things in black & white! A male and a female bathroom is all they need to have and all they need to understand at an early age!

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