Feminists Triggered Hard After President Trump Pays Innocent Compliment to Female Reporter

President Donald Trump cannot catch a break from his critics. This time, he is in hot water for simply being a gentleman. Because Trump paid an innocent compliment to a female reporter, feminists want him to pay mightily for, in their minds, enabling the patriarchy.

“We have all of this beautiful Irish press, where are you from?” President Trump asked a reporter while on a call with Ireland’s new head of state, Leo Varadkar. After she told him who she was and that she serves as US bureau chief of RTÉ News, Trump said to Varadkar, “Caitríona Perry, she has a nice smile on her face so I bet she treats you well.”

While this may seem like a benign remark unworthy of outrage, that is not how feminists and other leftists interpreted it. They took the comment as more proof of Trump’s inherent sexism and white male privilege, and demand justice for the heinous micro-aggression perpetrated by the victimizer-in-chief.

Eve Peyser of Vice Magazine called the incident a “reminder that even in a professional setting, women can never escape their gender or transcend their bodies. You’ll always be read as a woman before anything else, and treated accordingly. It’s a reminder that your gender is a burden, it’s something that can be used by the powerful to make you feel small.”

The co-founders of “Ultraviolet,” an organization that promotes “equality at a higher frequency,” wrote a letter to Assistant to the President and White House Counsel, Donald McGahn, demanding a prompt investigation over Trump’s comments. The letter was copied to Chief of Staff Reince Priebus as well.

“We are sure we don’t agree on everything. But we hope you would agree with us that sexual harassment has no place in any workplace, much less in the White House,” Nita Chaudhary and Shaunna Thomas wrote in the letter. “The women who work in the White House, whether on staff or as members of the press, should be able to do their jobs without the threat of harassment. We also hope you agree with us that no one, and especially not the President, is above the law.”

While these feminist voices may feel that federal resources should be deployed to indict the President over his comment, their crusade is not likely to resonate much with the American people–who are largely unconcerned with the latest feminist outrage du jour and far more concerned with jobs, security, and a prosperous future for their families.


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