The Fight against Communism is Far from Over


The world is a better place now that  former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro has died.  One more dirty commie has been physically removed from the earth, so to speak. Unfortunately for the world, communism is still lurking and waiting for yet another chance to strike the evil capitalist pigs (such as libertarians) of the world and the United States specifically. We live in a country today that has prominent athletes wearing shirts with the likes of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, for crying out loud!  

This one fact shows us that the world has not learned from the sheer magnitude of communism’s  massive death count. Communists have killed 94 million people collectively. It is the most murderous political philosophy known to man and yet, for some odd reason, millennials and their college professors alike still rock communism like a washed up  football star rocks his  high school jersey at 45 years old, yearning for that lost feeling. The only difference is that the old high school star actually accomplished something besides despotism.

The rise of Bernie Sanders gives the indication that many of these millennials either were not taught about communism or simply ignored the facts. Either way, we have a growing minority of people in this country supporting outrageous policies  that would turn this country into a socialist statist nightmare. Through the government-controlled public school system, many of these young adults have been raised to blindly support these atrocious policies without ever realizing that there is an alternative. Being a pro-free market, anti-socialist, straight, cis-gendered white male in America right now is a cardinal sin to the Social Justice Warrior Left.

Although the Social Justice Warrior Left is very prevalent at the current time as protests are running rampant after Trump’s election, these people will eventually lose interest. They will find another trendy cause to get behind or buy iced coffees at Starbucks to give their lives some meaning. These people may be in the news headlines everyday, but the bulk of the country supports freedom. Regardless of his faults, that was what the election of Trump was all about: the silent majority flexing it’s muscle. From a libertarian perspective, these freedom-loving Americans are definitely easier to work with than dirty commies.

Castro’s death signals an end to the old guard of Communism where killing gay people was an integral part of their program. These days, a large majority of the LGBT people are throwing themselves at people like Bernie Sanders who they believe will protect their feelings while wearing Che Guevara shirts. Thankfully, we have a fierce minority of students who are fighting back against the cultural marxism of the Left by speaking out on behalf of freedom of speech. Milo Yiannopoulos is leading the charge in this crucial battle on college campuses. It is of the utmost importance for us to turn the majority of apathetic millennials away from the tricks and lies of communism.

The only way this can be done is by using the tactics of confrontational politics and using it against the left. Organizations like Turning Point USA, Students for Liberty, and even some college republicans groups are exposing the dangers of communism through fun activities that get apathetic millennials thinking. Turning Point USA did an excellent job with this with their campaign “Socialism Sucks”, which mimicked the Bernie Sanders campaign and exposed his terrible policies. Groups like these would not have the voice they do without campus watchdog media groups like Campus Reform, which gives capitalists a voice with a platform big enough to make an impact.

The future isn’t as bleak as it looks on the surface but many more millennials need to step up to the plate in defiance of  mainstream opinion. The big government consensus is that we need more socialism and more central planning. We have to stand boldly against this, and never be silenced by the communists and social justice warriors who want to destroy our freedoms. We will stand up to fight, then fight some more, and keep fighting until the communists are all gone and we can live in peace…. until it’s time to kick even more commie ass!.

Mitchell has been involved in the student liberty movement with the Young Americans for Liberty where he served as a State Chair for them in Indiana and Michigan. He also worked as a Field Representative for the Leadership Institute. In the past he has managed a campaign for a liberty republican and worked in local politics in the metro Detroit area.


  1. Fight on for liberty. Until these power crazed commies realize that all the stuff they steal from hard working Americans are gone and they have to work is the day they will see the fault in their ideals.

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