Former DNC chair wants backup plan because of Clinton’s health

The ongoing saga regarding the health of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton continues. Like with her e-mail controversy, the health issue becomes worse with each passing denial that anything is wrong. From severe coughing fits and nearly fainting to becoming apparently overheated, there are now multiple red flags being raised. But like with the passage of time in the e-mail controversy, we’re learning new things regarding her health.

And now it’s not just conservative pundits and Republican politicians raising concerns.


Former Democratic National Committee chair Don Fowler has stated the party would be wise to start making back up plans. While he tries to cover himself by stating he believes Clinton’s health is fine, he discusses with detail the reasons why a contingency plan is required.

What if Hillary Clinton is not healthy enough to continue, thus having to drop out of the race? Naturally, that’s not a concern if she’s going to bounce back from her illness and otherwise is doing fine.

Numerous prominent Democrats have come to Clinton’s defense in the last few days, echoing the same robotic message about her health being great. In terms of the word of the Clinton campaign and even Hillary Clinton herself, the word is difficult to take when they’ve admitted to peddling lies. Again.

The coughing fits were attributed to allergies and the fainting attributed to overheating, but both were called into question when it was revealed that Clinton had pneumonia. Not only did she have pneumonia, but she was diagnosed with it days ago.

Is it unreasonable to believe that there could be even more going on that we’re not aware of?


The high stress of campaigning for President of the United States creates an urgency in getting the full story on her health, because actually being president won’t be any easier. Clinton can take a day off now to rest on doctor’s orders, but the world doesn’t stop like a campaign can. If there is a terrorist attack or foreign crisis, terrorists and foreign leaders aren’t going to take the day off for the President to take a nap.

Clinton has had past medical issues that have been attributed to travel and stress, such as when she was First Lady and again as Secretary of State. Both are demanding, as is running for President and more so actually being President.

What if Clinton falls apart and can’t go forward? What if the health problems are again worse than previously disclosed?

Hillary Clinton can’t just delete bad health like they’re unsecured e-mails containing classified materials, and she can’t just bleachbit medical conditions. If there are lingering problems, they need to be known before votes are cast. Individuals like former Democratic National Committee chair Don Fowler have highlighted a need to plan for the inevitable exit of the Democratic presidential nominee. Will it be Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden? It could even be someone else, but there’s an increasing likelihood that the individual currently on the ticket won’t make it.

Fowler is right. Democrats need a backup plan.

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.

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