Friendly Fire: Roger Stone And Charles Johnson Fight Over Credit For Trump Debate Stunt


There is never any shortage of drama going on within the right wing. When they aren’t hammering leftists, right wingers are often focusing their ire on each other. Roger Stone, the hot-headed Trump confidant, is fighting mad at news mogul Charles Johnson because of a dispute over who orchestrated a legendary Trump debate stunt.

Before the Oct. 9 debate last year and immediately following the bombshell release of Trump’s ‘grab her by the p-ssy’ audio, Trump hosted a press conference featuring Bill Clinton’s alleged victims. On the debate stage that night, Trump came out swinging like never before – with Clinton’s alleged victims in attendance. It was a turning point in the campaign, and may have changed the course of American history.

It was widely believed that Breitbart News executive director Steve Bannon orchestrated the spectacle through Johnson, but a report from The Wrap disputes the commonly believed chain of events and puts Stone in a familiar role as the culprit, as an email chain was linked indicating that it was originally his idea.

Johnson is publicly disputing the article’s claims.

“This is fake news. I paid for the entire operation. I worked with Steve Bannon to execute the entire thing,” he said. “There’s bank receipts that show I paid for it. I helped [now Department of Education employee] Candice Jackson bring Kathy Shelton. Candice was seated next to Shelton in that iconic photo.”

In a statement released to The Liberty Conservative, Stone unleashed his wrath on Johnson.

“Chuck Johnson is an autistic lunatic and bald face liar. Other than driving a Mississippi activist to commit suicide he has no accomplishments to his name. The email trail proves that the genesis of the idea was mine. It’s Chuck Johnson who had nothing whatsoever to do with it. I never dealt with the women directly leaving that to others who assured me of their availability. In case you are unaware I wrote an entire book on the subject – the Clinton’s war on women,” Stone said.

Johnson disputes the claim that he drove Mark Mayfield, the Mississippi activist that Stone alluded to in his comment, to suicide and publicly demands an apology from Stone. He says he “can’t wait to spend part of [his] bitcoin fortune suing that old fraud into oblivion.”

“He’s libeling me but seems to be judgment proof. It’s already been written about in the Daily Mail. Kathy Shelton thanked me on Twitter,” Johnson said in response to Stone. Johnson said to ask Stone why he refused to have a DNA test done for Danney Williams, the half-black individual widely rumored to be Bill Clinton’s son. Stone fired back.

“Read the section of my book The Making of the President 2016 to understand why and how [38 million] black voters saw the documentary “Banished” about Danney Williams on multiple paid platforms,” Stone said. “Matching Danney’s DNA with someone who Chuckles thinks is [Bill Clinton’s] half brother would have proved nothing and been accepted by no one.”

It remains to be seen if Johnson will be able to outmaneuver Stone in this dispute, who proudly wears his reputation as one of the worst dirty tricksters in political history as a badge of honor.

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