Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Unfolds Amidst The Chaos Of US Politics


This past weekend our country watched wide-eyed on television screens as a small, stalwart band of diverse rogues stood huddled together as tens of thousands of mindless zombies surrounded their dwindling redoubt. Off in the distance were their sinister overlords, their personas and powers still shrouded in mystery. Am I talking about Game of Thrones? Or am I referring to the free speech rally in Boston this past Saturday afternoon?

It’s a trick question, I’m talking about both.

I’ve been to a free speech rally in Boston, and I even wrote about it for this publication. It was one hell of a great time, more of a party than anything else. Back thenall the way back in Maythe circumstances were much different. Our side had greater numbers and the spineless basement dwellers best known as Antifa limped away with their tails between their legs.

This time around, it was much different. The events of Charlottesville galvanized the masses and they came out in overwhelming force to shout down anyone who expressed an opinion that didn’t correspond to their own. The propaganda campaign to smear anyone on the Right as a Nazi had finally come to fruition. Antifa forces are a vocal minority with no real power amongst themselves, but they proved on Saturday that the core numbers don’t matter if you can get people to believe an oft-repeated lie, and the bigger the lie the better.

It’s a shameful display of intellectual bankruptcy as well as how easily fooled a large enough crowd of people can be when they’re sufficiently startled. And Charlottesville was indeed startling. What we needed most was a message encouraging peace and affection between neighbors and communities across the nation. We got it to a degree in President Trump’s immediate response to the events. His response was shouted down much like the voices of the few who appeared in Boston to celebrate and honor our unalienable right to free speech.

Antifa, having established their power of deceit on a massive scale, are now emboldened and hope is scant that a White House petition to have them branded a terrorist organization will ever find traction. This is a sorry state of affairs. Calling these craven criminals out for what they areterroristsshould be a slam dunk. Making this obvious observation a reality will more likely than not prove to be much more difficult than convincing people by the thousands that anyone who rallies for free expression is a card-carrying member of the National Socialist Party.

People hate Nazis (real Nazis, that is) for a whole host of perfectly sound reasons. They were butchers and warmongers who plunged an entire continent into the throes of unprecedented carnage, but they’re long dead now. When faced with the threat of their return, even a tenuous threat, people revert back to hatred as well as fear. Fear isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s what keeps us from walking down that dark alley where a mugger could be waiting to relieve us of our hard-earned dollars. It’s what keeps us from visiting the local Chinese fast-food restaurant, where food is served by the pound, after hearing rumors about what really goes into the General Tso’s Chicken.

But fear isn’t always a blessed benefit passed down to us by millions of years of Darwinian natural selection. Fear, as has been found by the Hitler’s and Mao’s and Stalin’s of the world, is one of mankind’s prime motivators. It’s what keeps good men standing frozen while atrocities are committed before him. It’s what makes snowflake SJWs go to the Chinese fast-food joint despite the rumors or else be they be labeled a racist. Fear can ruin an individual’s ability to think clearly thus enabling the rule of tyrants.

Cersei Lannister of Game of Thrones knows full well how powerful fear can be as a tool to twist the minds of men, and it would be tempting to compare her to President Trump: a blond, well-monied autocrat fiendishly scheming against a horde of unwashed foreigners while clinging to power as the end draws near. There’s some merit to that comparison, but it doesn’t go very far. Cersei is the establishment, and she is certainly the head of state, but she didn’t win it fair and square the way President Trump won the White House. Cersei is what President Trump is trying to replace and serves as a mirror for all that is wrong with our country and government.

The Lannister family, and Westeros by extension, have been, until recently, mired in catastrophic debt due to the short-sighted interventionist policies of their ungainly state apparatus. The Lannister family’s militaristic escapades mirror those of the neoconservative RINOs who have dominated our policy making for decades. And when she is cornered, Cersei lashes out using whatever means necessary such as regime change and mass murder. She is a master of lies who uses fear and violence to manipulate the people around her and bring them to heel. She and the militant leftist goons in Boston and around the country are cut from the same cloth. Cersei is Antifa, and Antifa is Cersei. Cersei, like most Lannisters, is defined by a cunning, ruthlessness hatred, a propensity to spread deceit and discord, and a sick-minded willingness to stoop as low as is necessary to get what she wants.

Can anything different be said of Antifa? They despise our country, values, traditions, history, and rights. They openly defy justice, and they too seek to bring ruin to our civilization and culture by their pride and disdain for morality and normalcy. They have no use for civilized social conventions. Their bloodlust is open and visible and given cover by a media that is firmly in the pocket of the pathological liberal agenda.

It could be said that the Antifa doesn’t have the institutional power that Cersei has, and that is where the analogy fails. But let’s look at our institutional powers: unsustainable spending on failed social welfare programs, the slow-motion dissolution of our culture and social mores, the postmodernist influences on the arts, and the relentless attack against rights and individualism. Looks to me as though Antifa have gotten, or are close to getting what they want. Cersei told her brother Jamie that they could either fight and be destroyed or surrender and be destroyed. It doesn’t matter to her if she drags all of Westeros down with her. That just might be the biggest similarity there is between her and the villains of our real world, those contemptible Antifa thugs.

By day, Michael Rodgers is a logistics specialist in the aerospace industry. By night, he is an Associate Editor for the Liberty Conservative. He lives and drinks profusely in Dover, New Hampshire.

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