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Earlier this week, Karen Handel defeated Jon Ossoff in dramatic fashion. Although this was supposed to be an important election for the resistance, it simply turned into a repeat of election night. Many on the left were disappointed because of the millions spent and how this was supposed to be a referendum on Trump. Despite this victory for Republicans, the election revealed many negatives and positives in the current state of our nation. There are several takeaways that are important to understanding our current political climate.

Partisanship is a Problem

Georgia’s election revealed that people are not following principles anymore because blind partisanship has taken hold. The left wants to defeat Trump, and the right wants to defeat liberals. If you lean left, you wanted Jon Ossoff to win; if you lean right, you wanted Karen Handel to win, and there was very little middle ground in between those extremes. Partisanship was the biggest force fueling this election, and it continues to fuel the hearts and minds of Americans. The reaction on social media perfectly displayed this problem. People on the left commented that Handel’s voters are horrible people and vice versa. Reasonable debate is now becoming a thing of the past because people now prefer to pick a side and sharpen their knives. If we continue to treat politics like bloodsport, America will become a barbaric nation of two bitterly opposed tribes, and polite society bites the dust completely as speeches and plays are disrupted by unruly provocateurs.

Republicans Still Need to Govern

Since Trump’s election, Republicans have acted like the defending champions of a sports league. They are still touting Trump’s victory like it’s relevant and that it cleans them of all sin. Additionally, Republicans in office have spent more time cheering on Republican candidates than governing–this election was no different. Feel free to congratulate a member of your party when it is deserved, but celebration is no excuse to stop governing. I fear that Republicans care more about being winners than being principled and actually accomplishing something substantial. Although Karen Handel’s victory does add another Republican to congress, her victory is essentially meaningless unless it results in healthcare reform, tax reform, or immigration reform.

The Democrats are Incompetent

As I have stated before, the Democrats are horrible, and not just for political reasons. Even their campaign prowess is starting to lag. They have gone 0-4 in the special elections to replace legislators appointed to Trump’s cabinet. It is becoming embarrassing for them because they have access to millions of dollars from elite liberals with no results to show for it. The Democrats continue to let their anti-Trump base down by losing election after election, which is already resulting in an uprising within their ranks. No matter what happens, the left will continue to lose. They will lose because they refuse to admit that they even have a problem. Democrats and other leftists have already attributed Handel’s victory to gerrymandering, Russians, money in politics, or horrible people. The Democrats cannot take responsibility for their own actions. Scapegoats and phantoms are always needed to escape blame for failed policies and failed leadership.

The Left is Being Rejected

Due to the fact that leftists put such an importance on these elections, they are willingly putting their credibility and ideas on the line. Rather than referendums on Trump, these elections serve as tests for the left and their viability. With that being said, leftist culture is being rejected by the American people right now. Ordinary Americans do not think that “Not my president” and “Resist!” are good ideas to follow. Whenever a Democrat lost a special election, the ideas of the left also lost. Americans want to move forward. They do not want division fort the sake of division. This election proved that the modern Left has no unifying message; their message is one of hate and spite. Fortunately, many have caught on to the left’s true nature and have voted against it this year. If there is anything leftists get right about Trump, it’s that he is like Nixon. Both men received incredible support from a silent majority.

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