Globalist Senator: Keep US In Afghanistan For Another Ten Years!

The globalists are sowing their wild oats after President Donald Trump announced a troop surge in Afghanistan. Emboldened by Trump reversing the ‘America First’ foreign policy he espoused on the campaign trail last year and embracing the foreign policy of his predecessors, warmongers such as Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) are saying that Trump needs to double-down even more on America’s longest war.

Corker admitted as much to NBC journalist Chuck Todd while sitting down for a “Meet the Press” interview that aired on Sunday. The rationale Corker gave was that because Afghanistan is so poor and their gross domestic product so meager, we have to spend billions to prop up the leadership there for at least another decade. At that point, new excuses will be promulgated to justify the endless occupation that has lasted since 2001.

“The “decade” timespan appears to be less than the Pentagon is really talking about at this point, as officials seem to view Afghanistan, as with Iraq, as more or less a permanent occupation at this point, and have tried to get around controversy about troop levels decades into the war by announcing that troop levels will not be made public knowledge going forward,” foreign policy analyst Jason Ditz said on

Corker, an establishment favorite and dogged opponent of Trump, will be leaving office in 2019 after officially announcing his upcoming retirement. Nevertheless, he will not have to worry about Trump challenging the long-standing consensus on foreign policy. He has clearly caved to the will of the neoconservative generals in his administration, and the bombs continue to drop throughout the world at an unprecedented pace.

Despite Trump arguably being less militaristic in Syria due to the ceasefire he successfully negotiated with Russia, he has continued the interventionist status quo virtually everywhere else to the great delight of globalists worldwide.

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