Google Issues Ultimatum To The Liberty Conservative: Censor Your Content or Lose All Ad Revenue!

Yesterday morning, we received a very bizarre letter from Google issuing us an ultimatum. Either we were to remove a particular article or see all of our ad revenues choked off in an instant. This is the newest method that Big Brother is using to enforce thought control.

Former Liberty Conservative contributor James Allsup was involved in the Charlottesville, VA “Unite the Right” rally-turned-riot that served as the catalyst for this drive for Orwellian censorship. Although the article itself contained no offensive content (it was merely distinguishing the many differences between the alt-right and literal Nazis), just the fact that it was authored by a man deemed to be an “unperson” by the corporate elite was enough for Google to target it for censorship.

The entirety of Google’s letter addressed to us is as follows. Notice how the descriptors for what violates the terms of service are deliberately vague and open for interpretation, giving Google an excuse to target any website or individual they so choose for any reason:

“Additionally, please be aware that the URL above is just an example and that the same violations may exist on other pages of this website or other sites that you own. To reduce the likelihood of future warnings from us, we suggest that you review all your sites for compliance,” the letter says.

This is not the first time we have been censored. In the past, Facebook banned users from sharing content immediately after they posted our controversial article criticizing a “libertarian” Washington D.C. thinktank official who denigrated Ron Paul. This is, however, the first time we have been directly threatened that we would be cut off if we refused to censor our content. An incredibly dangerous precedent is obviously being set here, and if you think that it won’t impact you directly at some point, think again.

Due to financial constraints, we had to comply with Google’s strong-arming tactics for the time being. An independent publisher such as The Liberty Conservative needs revenue from the Google ad platform in order to survive. We look forward to the day where rival ad platforms who respect the intellectual freedom of their customers can outcompete Google, but those days have not arrived yet. These tech companies have us all by the short hairs, and post-Charlottesville, they are all working in unison to enforce the Orwellian nightmare. Nobody is safe.

All conservatives and libertarians must realize that the Orwellian nightmare enforced by private hands is just as harmful to human freedom as if the dystopia was enforced by the hands of government commissars. The results will be the same, as freedom of expression will be sacrificed to the God of political correctness. After they destroy free speech, the rest of our rights won’t be far behind. A world where digital lynch mobs can ruin people’s entire lives–harming their reputations, making it impossible to feed their families, and potentially subjecting them to retaliatory violence–for merely expressing an honest opinion would amount to a dark age for liberty.

Mainstream conservative provocateurs such as Lauren Southern, Paul Joseph Watson, and Milo Yiannopoulos have been targeted as well. This situation is much bigger than just a few fringe political figures being humiliated. If they can censor us and target people like Allsup to be digitally scrubbed from the internet, it will happen to you next. A world where Big Brother is judge, jury and executioner is right on the horizon, and that does not bode well for anyone except a small handful of oligarchs and elites. We all must band together, eschewing mindless partisanship, to defeat the burgeoning Orwellian surveillance state before our rights are lost forever.


  1. Gotta love how Google/YouTube thinks they can speak for all sponsors and say that no one wants to advertise on non-leftist videos. Maybe they should go out and get some non-leftist advertisers then! This is just another (not-so-) clever way for the left to silence opposing views.

        • “Liberals” – As you yanks call them, are NOT FUCKING LIBERALS!!! THEY’RE FUCKING COMMIES!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

          As I Liberal myself, fuck anyone lumping me in with communists, socialists and cunts that want to enforce restrictions on negative rights. Libertarian left/right/centre & freedom loving folk generally get along… but call them what they are..Communists/Socialists, not fucking liberals.

          • Why are you screaming at me? I didn’t post it. btw, douchie boy, Reagan said it, your boyfriend George HWB said it, every conservative said it. WHY? because the lefties renamed themselves that, like they redefine everything else. So go yell at Sean Hannity and Rush.

          • I’m not screaming at you, It’s a general statement aimed at anyone that uses the term. If it’s aimed at anyone or group, it’s Burgerstanis (americans).

            I don’t support anyone you mentioned. Personally, I blame the US education system. How you’re taught politics is utterly stupid. Far-left/loony left has always been Socialist or Communist. They’re Commies and in the USSR, PRC, Cuba, Cambodia…Liberals got the bullet too.

            Anyone that stands for freedom, liberty & for the protection of negative/natural rights in the law, is a Liberal by definition. Fuck the far-left, fuck muppets using it as some daft insult…as it’s not really an insult to anyone but actual Liberals/Libertarians. And I for one, stand by my principles and won’t be lumped in with Socialist scum or Idealistic anarcho-capitalists.

          • More properly under the umbrella of MARXISTS (aka LEFTISTS). Personally, I blame England where Marx published the 1848 The Communist Manifesto and 3 vol. Das Kapital. 🙂
            Also the Socialist dopes in England kicked out Churchill, who helped
            save England. Also The Socialist dopes in England have destroyed the
            culture there by bringing in all the the Islamo nazi Mooslums . like the rest of
            Europe and also the U.S. has it’s Islam/muslim problems

          • Well, they did stop calling themselves liberals because they are the antitheses of liberalism. They started calling themselves “progressives,” but in reality are Regresssives

          • And “progressives” historically are associated with communists and socialists which are both much worse than just modern liberals.

          • Hitlary was interviewed back in 2016 when she was asked the difference between socialism, and the Democrat Party, she just gave a typical Democrat answer; deflection.

          • Go practice your curtsey. Prince(ess) Charles is the most masculine man left in your pathetic excuse for a country. The French lost their manhood at the Somme. The Germans lost their manhood to the Red Army. The Brits sacrificed theirs on the altar of political correctness.

    • Let us create a petition to have Google classified as an international terrorist organization.
      For their work in censorship of the media & weaponizing information.

    • One partial solution is to use a web browser that blocks ad content. I use Brave on my phone and on my PC’s I use Vivaldi with an ad blocker. Brave is especially nice because, if you have a website you like, you can enable ads for that website, while blocking ads from others.

    • NEVER forget. The LEFT aka progressives/socialists/marxists/commies/fascists/liberals/democrats – ALWAYS redefines language to suit their needs / agenda. LIKE global warming to climate change, Cigarettes (aka-fags in Britain) Marxist to Socialist to Progressive to Liberal, happy to gay, on and on. etc etc

  2. This is exactly why I never use Google anymore. I cannot stand the Orwellian tactics they use. People, in all seriousness, if you care about freedom of speech, stop using Google! Use Bing, or Yahoo, or something else! Please stop using Google!

      • Duck duck go appears to use the google search engine. Google ‘European people history’ & click on images. Then do the same on duck duck go. When I did that ended up with the same page of images from both search engines.

        • i believe that accusation to be false, but regardless would you prefer google, or duckduckgo which in your opinion is simply using the google search api but is removing all tracking from your searches, thus removing potential revenue streams from google.

          if you think its searches are identical to google than its already confirmed a better place to do searches.

          • It’s easy enough to check if it’s false or not, do the same search I noted above and see for yourself. Also I think if you do this, and find I’m right, your last sentence is meaningless.

  3. We need conservatives with $$ to get serious about Media again. ALL of it. There are billions to be made telling the other side of these stories. Why NO ONE does this astounds me.

    • My belief is that most media is funded and owned by modern day liberals. The New York Times looses money and yet Carlos Slim “invests” money in it. There isn’t billions to be made telling the news in a conservative fashion.

        • Ah… yes. Finally —- It is the Jews. And you wonder why we Jews tend to be Liberal. Also smart and wealthy: While you conservatives can not even fund a decent internet media company. Only small echo chambers. You claim to be for a free market, but you despise the results and services that it provides. People in the free market are also free to decide to serve or not, anyone for any reason except for race, sexuality, religious grounds. But you find that freedom offensive.

          This all comes from the following :
          conservative: a person who is averse to change and holds to traditional values and attitudes, typically in relation to politics.

          compare that to my working definition of stupid: Someone unwilling or unable to learn new stuff, except from a recognized and accepted authority figure, almost always another conservative.

          Another word for conservative might be LOOSER!!!

          • Doug:

            1) “for any reason except” and who gets to decide what those reasons are?
            2) Unlike the mom and pop that refused to bake a lesbian cake, for which it was ruined, Google is not a private company.
            3) In fact Google is closer to a utility. Do you think the gas company or electric company should turn off service of folks they disagree with?

            Be careful what you wish for Doug, you may get it. There’s the old saw about “first they came for the…” that winds through “they came for the Jews” and ends with “then they came for me.” The hard loony left cares not a wit about your virtue signaling, your ethnic group, or your bona fides as a champion of the downtrodden. All it takes is one mistake my friend. If they can label Charles Barkley as a “white supremacist” (!) then all it takes for you to be a nazi is to point out some inconvenient truth, to utter the wrong words, regardless of your intent or context.

          • You truly are the insulting, arrogant loser. What were the IQ’s of the Nazi’s?? Basing your discussion on IQ is dangerous!

      • If you think this is bad, check out what the NYT says about pedophilia not being a crime…

        It’s time to shut down the perverts at NYT for their sick & twisted “news”!

        Like wise, it is time to shut down CNN for a similar reason!

        Now do you see why they hate Trump?
        These perverts want to destroy America!
        Trump frightens them because they have an agenda that Trump is destroying!

        #MAGA #DrainTheSwamp #Prison4NYT #Prison4CNN

        Let’s get the press passes revoked of the NYT AND CNN!

        Too dirty, nasty, filthy, corrupt! They aren’t news! They are satanic propaganda!

    • It’s because the billionaire class is on board with antifa. They don’t care about your freedom, they only care about what you can give them in the form of commerce. To them, you’re not even a person because the laws apply to you. We are a resource to them, we are cattle and the rights of cattle dont’ matter, they’re only there to line your pocket anyway.

  4. I give it a week before you are completely demonitized.
    Google started with I think the Abu Gharib pic on but kept raising the bar.

    Marx said the capitalist will sell the rope used to hang him.
    The libertarian will become dependent on revenue from the socialist who will censor him.

    Many libertarians laugh at “preppers” who become as SELF-sufficient as possible saying it is not very efficient. But when libertarians become reliant on crony corporations or government who say “give up liberty”?

  5. I keep getting 503 errors – you may be a target of a DDoS – Distributed Denial of Service attack.

    • Cheerleading for the Orwellian nightmare because of your petty vendetta against our publication is not very libertarian, Christopher. Shame on you and your lack of courage.

    • If you didn’t care, I don’t think you’d always be making your little snide comments. Next time, just don’t get triggered and defend Big Brother.

    • Bahahaha a robot programmed to drop alt-idiot jargon at random intervals could do your job. For a change, try defending yourself without recourse to words like “triggered” and “cuck”. It’s gonna be tough, you’ll need to expand your vocabulary.

      I’m deeply sorry that you’ve confused the state with privately-owned communications platforms. Yes, I support your liberty to be a far-right collectivist tool, but that doesn’t mean that Google owes you a mic or a paycheck. Pretty basic stuff.

      • Seems like you’re pretty confused there bucko. This is actually a case of (((corporate abuse))) of a quasi state asset.
        If (((their))) corporate communications networks are directly affecting vast segments of public opinion while simultaneously suppressing Freedom of Expression/Speech for a significant portion of “OUR” population, it becomes a concern of “We the People.”
        At that point it is no longer for (((them))) to decide.The question of appropriate use of this quasi public communications organ is for “US” to decide.

    • “Nazis” (whoever or whatever in the hell that means) considering they have been lied about for the past seventy years (and counting) in the (((MSM))). Seems to me the least (((they))) could do is:
      Pay restitution to Germany
      Avail (((Google))) to positive reparations and,
      Commit suicide en masse

    • Play stupid games, win stupid prizes indeed Christopher McAuliffe. You played the stupid game of being intellectually dishonest, you win the stupid prize of losing my respect. Why don’t you tell me I’m defending Nazis to my face, coward.

  6. Gotta love people who demand that a business serve people they don’t like. Whether you’re left or right, doesn’t matter. The bakery doesn’t have any obligation to bake you a cake any more than Google has an obligation to provide ad revenue to you.

    • So sorry there chumly, the workings of an independent bakery has very little impact on the general public and/or public opinion, even collectively.
      Once an organ, private or public, starts to impact a significant percentage of the public, it becomes an entirely different ball of wax legally speaking.
      Why do you think Freedom of the Press is mentioned in The Constitution and nothing about Freedom of the Bakery?
      And no….a small band of tightly knit oligarchs with an agenda IS NOT Freedom of the Press, particularly when that band of pirates are tyrants with nefarious designs for “US.”
      Using the press to overthrow “OUR” constitutional government is not only the essense of tyranny, it is also ILLEGAL as he’ll. ILLEGAL as in “punishable by death” ILLEGAL.
      So you see there is NO comparison between a baker asserting his religious and/or personal rights and a totally ILLEGAL international crime syndicate attempting to overthrow “OUR” LEGALLY established constitutional government by ABUSING communication networks (private tho they be) which directly affects the lives of MILLIONS of Americans.
      Therefore you have posited a completely false analogy which has NO bearing on the censorship issue offered up in the above article.

  7. We all have to do what we can to put all the Big Brother platforms–Google, Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, Wikipeeonya, Snopes–in their place, i.e. figure out good open source alternatives and abandon these sellout (or should I say knowing part of the) digital mafia. [Similar thing going on with RPI and his LIberty Report (]

  8. time for google to have that audit they’ve been screaming for, wonder how much they’ve been getting from soros?

  9. “All conservatives and libertarians must realize that the Orwellian nightmare enforced by private hands is just as harmful to human freedom as if the dystopia was enforced by the hands of government commissars.”

    Negative Trejo.
    Quit being a beta-fascist panocha.

    • time to start making parallel platform alternatives. like a social media site that also displays your fb feedand when you post on it, it would simultaneously post to your fb and if you get Zucked it wouldn’t matter because people could then log on to the other site to still see your content. that would help to make a smooth transition away from fb over time.

    • You mistake invitations of voluntary violence against bullies, with physically threatening said bullies. It’s no wonder you collectivist morons don’t know when the 1st Amendment protections apply to your alt-right garbage.

  10. No decent person wants to associate with this garbage. You don’t have a right to use other people’s property to speak. Build your own platform. Free market, ftw.

    • I’m do and I’m a decent person. Advocating for Freedom of Speech and the ability to express uncensored truth is really very decent. Advocating against these things is absolutely indecent.

  11. These shutdowns and censorships are happening for one reason and one reason only.

    Jews, who have taken control of our government, academia, and corporations, are desperately attempting to silence the Alt-Right, who are in the process of exposing the Jews’ crimes against America and the West.

    It’s that simple.

    Even Alt-Lite figures are being censored because they’re opposing the Jew agenda against the West, without even mentioning Jews specifically.

    This is standard operating procedure for Jews as they attempt to conquer a Nation.

    Jews did the same thing, in 1917, when the Bolshevik Jews took over Russia and began the slaughter of 10s of millions of White Christian Russians. — It was Jews who plunged Russia into 100 years of communism. — Communism is Jewish.

    Jews did the same to other White Nations in the early 20th Century.

    Jews tried to conquer Germany in the same way, but were stopped by Adolf Hitler.

    Hitler was the only leader in the 20th Century to completely remove the subversive, Marxist Jews from their control over a Nations institutions. After he did, Germany was immediately restored and began to flourish rapidly. — That’s why our Jew-controlled media, academia, and entertainment companies have worked for 80 years to paint Adolf Hitler as the “Most Evil Man Who Ever Lived™”.

    Jews moved heaven and Earth to stop Trump from being elected because they thought he was a strong, White, Nationalist leader who would get into the White House, discover their subversion against America, and forcefully remove all enemy Jews from power.

    When Jews constantly compare Trump to Hitler, they’re exposing what they truly fear. — The discovery of their crimes, and forceful removal and punishment.

    Even AntiFa was founded by criminal, gangster Jews as a terrorist organization to violently attack any Whites who dared to organize in defense of their Nation from Jewish takeover. — The Jews just admitted this in an article in the Jewish Daily Forward a few days ago. — They brag about it.

    This current war isn’t Democrats vs Republicans, or even Nationalists vs Globalists.

    It’s a thousands-of-years-old tribal war of Jews against Whites.

    Do your research and join the millions of patriots who are rapidly waking up to this reality.

    Join the Alt-Right and fight this subversive, totalitarian, tribal enemy to save White Western Civilization, and reclaim your birthright and inheritance.

    The Alt-Right is the Future.

  12. Jamon Corley Facebook users are allowed the same free speech rights as anywhere else. While removing others opinions isn’t illegal for them, it clearly shows Facebook’s fascist agenda

  13. Orwellian is more doublethink, speak and such. Not more authoritarian necessarily.

    Oh by the way, private companies can freely decide what content is put up or not.

    By the way, this isn’t authoritarian. Reason being, they’re not being taken off the Internet for not censoring their content.

    • The “private companies can freely decide” argument ignores the important fact that Google has a monopoly position on web search and advertising. In light of that, they need to either be broken up or regulated like a utility.

  14. Start cutting out all non essential products found on google ads. Find them. Drop them.

  15. If you are taking directions from big brother, then you can’t be taken seriously. You should find another funding source as soon as possible.

  16. How about you stop suckling at the teat of a company that wants you dead? Fuck Google, who cares what they want? Stop making money off of ads. Make the site ad-free. Don’t cave as if you’re Europe and Google is a Muslim invasion.

  17. Remember Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park, when he tried to counsel the creator of the park about the foolishness of trying to contain the dinosaurs, by commenting that “life will find a way”. It is also utter foolishness to think that you can suppress the world from thinking and speaking freely. It won’t work – it never has and never will. People who want freedom will find a way – always have and always will.

  18. So why is Google Pedo friendly. They love pedophiles producing videos. I wonder what that means…huh??

  19. What I do in my small way is boycott as many google functions as possible. I don’t have to contribute to their power. Starve the beast.

    • It’s pretty hard to attack them in this way. They are everywhere. I do the same. I try and use other search engines but none seem to work as well. Bing isn’t too bad, but they are Microsoft and we know that MS is just as bad as Google. We really need a good alternative . I’ve tried Duckduckgo but again not so good.

  20. One good thing to come from this … because of google’s action I found this web-site. It’s now bookmarked.

  21. Trump is inept politically and thus weak so I do not fear him that much but I do fear the left’s over-reaction to Trump because they control so much already with comedy show, news & etc. Just fiscal conservatism by itself can be controversial compared to giving money away generously. Society and it’s dominating establishment aka the shadow government is becoming more intolerant to right leaning views and I can imagine how being so much more expressively funded is going to give more serious edge to the left, which they already had to begin with.

  22. Liberty Conservative…start talking to other internet browser services and start dealing with them exclusively. I rarely use google anymore. All the algorithms populate leftist BS. You can’t find any conservative news in the search unless it falls on page 3 -4 or worse. Good luck. I am now a fan!!

  23. Drudge link is worth more than adsense. Get a perm link to drudge then tell Google to go suck an egg.

  24. I had never heard of The Liberty Conservative before today but it seems pretty harmless to me. I just cancelled my Google Drive subscription and plan to eliminate my gmail account soon. It’s too bad that we have unpatriotic scum running corporate America these days. We must do more than simply drain the swamp we need to drown all of the swamp critters and all of those MSM scum that support them. Individually. Personally.

  25. Google needs to take a hike. They are in bed with the government and I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some benefit for them for doing this. It’s like a private sector version of the FCC.

  26. If the socialists at Google targets you, you must be good so I have put you on my daily reading site list. It all looks good!

  27. I’ve been a victim of Googles Totalitarian methods. This took place several years ago on a site I had with “Conservative” in the title. When they did power rankings I was a 7/10 with a very good flow of traffic. I called Google with a question about by Adsense ads. Within 24 hours of my call Google notified me my Adsense was being shutdown with no specific reason as to why. Subsequent phone calls didn’t help and emails were ignored.

    As time went on the 7/10 rating went down to 2/10. Traffic was in the tank and no matter what Search Engine Optimization I tried it was hopeless. Keep in mind, this was about 3 years ago so Google has been at this for a long time, they’ve only increase their vigilance and anti-Conservative vendetta. Google’s interpretation of what is good vs. bad is beyond anything suspicious, they became bolder during the Obama administration. Is it any surprise Eric Schmidt was so busy gaining influence with the previous Communist regime?

  28. It’s time to rebel against the Tech Giants stranglehold on American freedom of speech and thought. NO ONE elected or appointed Google as the final arbitrator of such. Change your default search engine to something other than Google. Stop using Google. When their Google’s revenue decreases they’ll get the point.

  29. Want to be more independent of the SJW tech Giants? Allow my company (& others to advertise with you directly) send me your Media kit.

  30. This isn’t “the latest,” thing to happen. It’s just the latest thing to happen to news outlets and websites with ideology google doesn’t like. I work for a site called Adland that writes about advertising. We warned people about this years ago. We wrote articles that were critical of Google and YouTube’s massive copyright infringement and as a result were d-listed and demonetized back in 2012 for some b.s.r eason. We now have to rely on donations. The irony is we’re not even political. We’re just anti-monopoly and pro-content creators. Shame it’s taken this long to have everyone catch up to what we’ve been through. BUt the lesson to be learned here is if something is free it means you are the product.

  31. Can we get a link to the archived article please?
    This type of behavior should of been expected.
    Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.
    Google was funded by the NSA through MIT.
    Google dropped their “Do No Evil” Slogan by the way.

  32. Getting Google out of our lives now is like trying to pull cancer from your bones. They are everywhere

    • Time for liberty-loving rich guys to fund an alternative. Not to the entire “Googleverse” but perhaps, as a start, to YouTube.

      Or initiate a massive lawsuit. Google is not a private business, nor can it hide behind vague, exclusive terms and conditions. It is a bona fide utility.

      If you can ruin a mom and pop bakery over a lesbian wedding cake, you can force a public utility to serve all comers equally provided they don’t break the law.

  33. Why don’t all of you Conservative and Libertarian sites join together and start posting your stories on another search engine. Drive business to a competitor and I’d be one to follow along. There needs to be some other option than google and chrome etc.
    Lets push traffic to some where other than google

  34. Find a different advertising partner. Look into Technorati, InfoLinks, or DoubleClick.

    • If I were you I’d edit that comment. Be specific about “target.” I can just see the headline, “COMMENTATORS ON ULTRA RIGHT_WING GROUP CALL FOR ASSASSINATION OF TECH LEADERS.” Just a suggestion.

  35. Why is there no libertarian or conservative tech company that can compete with google so such threats can be ignored? I mean, they ARE a private company and have the right to censor, but still…who out there is giving any alternatives?!

  36. Goolag is becoming more and more disgusting every day. How could a company loose its grip on reality so quickly.

  37. Unless conservatives stand with resolve & courage, this will continue. Every time a site cowers in fear of Google blacklisting it by cutting advertisements, you are emboldening & empowering them, to do the same to the next conservative site they go after..It is time to choose what is most important free speech or tyranny.

  38. Only point I disagree with is “private hands” are doing the censoring. Google is the government. They own it lock, stock and both barrels.

  39. This article is ridiculous. The article they had an issue with came out in Nov 29, 2016, trying to tell everyone that the alt-right aren’t white supremacists. To claim that this is “the left” trying to silence you is rather rich.

    Fact check – that link had white supremacists in the URL. It’s probably Google not wanting to have any one point to an example that they are supporting any site that advocates them. I’m willing to bet if you just replied that your link in question wasn’t violating their TOS, they wouldn’t care. After all, it’s been there for almost a year.

    Instead of feeling sorry for yourself and manufacturing rage over nothing, do what you so called rightists claim to believe – suck it up and move on. Or does the poor helpless entitlement class include you too.

  40. Its time for congress to act.. .watch Tucker Carlson on how bold an illegal Google is getting

  41. “All conservatives and libertarians must realize that the Orwellian nightmare enforced by private hands is just as harmful to human freedom as if the dystopia was enforced by the hands of government commissars.” That’s hyperbole. Private companies don’t use guns nor prisons.

  42. Probably won’t come as a shock to most here, but as far as those who control the media, the money, and the US gov., there isn’t any difference between the alt right and “literal” nazis, or White supremacists or racists. This is how they view all White people and if you don’t know that, you need to clue yourself in.

  43. The communists lost the Cold War, unable to out missile and out nuke the West. So….they switched to a different tactic. We know it today as Cultural Marxism. It’s end goal is to “brown out” the West with endless hordes of brown Mexicans and brown Africans, as well as from other brown parts of the world. They have stated as much. And anyone who opposes them will be attacked, in one form or the other.

  44. Sounds like Liberty conservative needs to join ranks with Judicial Watch and other conservative entities who are better funded and file a lawsuit and put a stop to Google’s illegal censorship.. better do it now against Google and Facebook before Zuckerberg gets ready to run in 2020 and suppresses all conservative views from both entities.

  45. Perhaps using an adsense alternative would be a good thing. Also maybe taking some donations? I’d donate to keep you guys going.

  46. This is my first time i visit here. I found so many entertaining stuff in your blog, especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one having all the leisure here! Keep up the good work. I have been meaning to write something like this on my website and you have given me an idea.

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