Guns are bad, unless they’re defending Hillary Clinton

The leftwing narrative on guns is fairly straightforward: they’re all bad. According to liberals, people don’t kill people, but guns do. For this, both the mental health and personal actions of violent individuals are secondary to the tool. When it came to tragic shootings like Sandy Hook and the Pulse night club, it was near instantaneous that the political calls for gun control began.

Liberals would say that guns are violent and bad, and they most certainly should be eliminated. Unless they’re protecting Hillary Clinton.



Republican presidential Donald Trump has mastered the art of controversy this election cycle, but he’s also become an adept troll. He is rattling the Republican establishment, the neoconservative elite, and the mainstream media. Democrats absolutely lose their mind whenever he speaks, and liberals are faced with the impossible decision of going with Hillary Clinton or him.

With this in mind, he steps up his game by suggesting the Democratic nominee’s bodyguards stop carrying guns.

If one subscribes to the leftwing narrative about guns, this actually makes sense. If guns are bad and do nothing but incite violence, they should be banned from society in order to prevent violence. The availability of guns, even in the hands of law-abiding citizens, means that they’re also in existence for bad people to acquire — law-abiding citizens, including Hillary Clinton’s bodyguards.

But when Trump suggested that Clinton’s defense disarm themselves, prominent liberal publication – the Huffington Post – lost their minds. In an article titled “Donald Trump Suggests Hillary Clinton’s Bodyguards Should Stop Protecting Her”, the author suggested that Trump wanted Clinton to stop being defended.

How is this possible though? All Trump suggested was that Clinton’s bodyguards stop carrying guns, and the Democratic Party has already established that guns are bad. If anything, Trump is agreeing with them about guns.


The Huffington Post then suggested Trump was making a joke about violence by wanting the guns taken away from Clinton’s bodyguards. Again, how is this possible? The Democratic Party and American left have long established that guns are violent machines that serve no purpose in society other than to kill.

The liberal narrative on guns is clearly confused and inconsistent. Once again, Trump the troll candidate has exposed political hypocrisy. Safe candidates and squeamish moderates such as Senator John McCain or Mitt Romney would never go as far as suggest the bodyguards of an opponent be disarmed. The usual boring candidates don’t have the stomach for it.

As controversial – and at times wrong – as Donald Trump can be, he nailed it on the gun issue here. The left has long suggested that guns are bad and serve no purpose other than to incite violence. In knowing this, he suggested the bodyguards protecting Hillary Clinton get rid of their guns. What does one of the big propaganda outlets for the left respond with? Obeying their own beliefs does indeed endanger the lives of innocent people.

What does this say about the gun control crusades by the left? When Democrats call for greater gun control after tragic shootings at elementary schools and LGBT night clubs, what are they really saying?

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.


  1. Trump also supported Bill Clinton gun control plan and Obama gun control plan and assault rifle ban . So gun are good when running for president but if not gun are bad

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