Hanoi Jane Shames Harvey Weinstein’s Victims For Their Whiteness


The ongoing controversy surrounding Harvey Weinstein’s fall from grace has rocked Hollywood and left people across the nation watching in awe. Numerous victims have come forward and it is clear that many in Hollywood knew of this illicit activity, but kept quiet. The things these victims experienced by a man who exploited his power status are horrific, but this culture has seemingly been normalized in Hollywood.

How do so many people watch as Weinstein sexually harasses and assaults women and remain silent?

It’s a question to ask Jane Fonda, who recently slammed the victims and those giving the allegations attention. While being interviewed on MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, she was asked about the Weinstein allegations. She went on to state the whole thing was “too bad,” because those who are getting the attention are “famous and white and everybody knows them,” while many other victims who are not white have allegedly been forgotten.

Is sexual assault a race issue? Should we distract from these crimes by playing the race card?
It’s pathetic, but not surprising. The Democratic Party and liberal allies have been in a panic since the allegations dropped. Weinstein, like many other figures in Hollywood, was a prominent donor to the left. Many organizations, politicians, and the party itself was faced with how to handle past donations.

Leave it to Fonda, Hanoi Jane herself, to be the one to call into question the victims of a prominent Democratic donor.

In addition to donating to numerous liberal causes, Weinstein also used his money to pay off victims. The New York Times released a report detailing how Weinstein not only paid off victims, but enforced a strong code of silence among his employees. The brand would not be damaged, no matter how many people knew or how much they knew. He was a tyrant.

It’s appalling to know that many of these victims, who Fonda herself attempts to discredit over fame and skin color, were left in the dark. Nobody would speak up for them.

Not even Fonda.

In an interview on “HARDtalk” airing on BBC World News, she made the shocking admission that she’s known about these allegations for some time and said nothing. She knew of all these things countless women were being subjected to by Weinstein and remained quiet.

And why did Fonda remain quiet? Because it wasn’t happening to her. Because she wasn’t a victim herself, she refused to be brave and stand up for those who were victims.

History is full of cowards, and many bad men have been enabled by bystanders remaining silent. Jane Fonda knew of the serial predations taking place but remained silent. Now as many of these victims of Democratic donor and Hollywood figure Harvey Weinstein come forward, Fonda steps forward in an attempt to discredit them. Does it matter how famous the accusers are? Does it matter if there is a dominant skin color among those who were victimized by this man?

Sexual assault is colorblind. It happens across the world without regard to one’s skin. Jane Fonda should be ashamed of herself for attempting to tar the reporting of these serious allegations.

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.


  1. Another brainless leftie opens her yap. One would think that she would have the sense to stay quite & not expose what she really is, a sex predator defender & supporter. Dumb de dumb dumb, DUMB!!! Did I forget racist? She B that as well.

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