Hate Crime at ISFLC ’17: Antifa Leftist Ambushes Ethnic Trump Supporter

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The events at the International Students for Liberty Conference (ISFLC) took a turn for the worse after the Saturday program concluded. Despite the ISFLC purporting itself to be an inclusive and diverse gathering, a hate attack took place in the morning hours that followed in the Marriott Wardman Park hotel where the event was held.

John Lindley, self-described “anti-fascist” and Students for Liberty mainstay, sucker punched Turning Point USA ‘Latino Leadership Caucus’ member Cesar Subervi in the face in the hotel lobby on Sunday morning. After skirmishing the night before, the men were forced to be separated. The encounter prompted retaliation on behalf of Lindley the next morning when he sucker punched Subervi.

Subervi received a black eye from Lindley’s sucker punch.

This is not the first time that Subervi has been the victim of leftist terror because of his conservative nationalist beliefs. He is an outspoken supporter of Trump and was beaten with sticks and black flags by Antifa during inauguration day protests that got bloody.

“These group of rioters, who were mostly white, claim to be anti-racist, anti-fascist, and in favor of ‘people of color’ but yet they started punching me, a Hispanic immigrant, because I support Trump,“ Subervi said to Hypeline after being attacked last month.

Subervi may have expected to receive a warmer reception from a supposed libertarian conference, but the welcome he ultimately received was far from cordial. Despite his proud Dominican heritage, Subervi was repeatedly denounced as a “Nazi” by left-libertarians in attendance for merely engaging in a discussion with Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute. He will not be pressing charges against Lindley for the attack.

Jeffrey Tucker pictured with a masked Antifa goon believed to be sucker punch artist John Lindley

Wolf von Laer, Chief Executive Officer of Students for Liberty, has not addressed the hate attack that took place at his conference at the present time. Instead, he released a statement blaming disruptors for the number of problems that took place at the ISFLC:

“Attempts to disrupt the conference, both from the far left and far right, were not entirely unexpected, but the appearance of Mr. Spencer and alt-right activists at the hotel demonstrated the alt-right’s hostility to the ideas of liberty and freedom. Although we support freedom of speech and thought, we did not invite Mr. Spencer. We reject his hateful message and we wholeheartedly oppose his obsolete ideology.”

It remains to be seen if the Students for Liberty will acknowledge the hate attack and take appropriate action to remedy the situation.

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