Heroic Nationalists Expose True Colors of Craven Libertarians and Conservatives

After globalist liberal candidate Emmanuel Macron defeated his populist nationalist opponent Marine Le Pen in yesterday’s French run-off election, American “free marketeers” are rejoicing. The French people have lost their pride, given up their right to self-determination, and erased any semblance of national sovereignty. This is cause of celebration for cosmopolitan libertarians and conservatives, who are ecstatic that the status quo remains intact for their oligarchical masters.

“The election of Marine Le Pen in France’s presidential election on Sunday would have been bad news for France, for the United States, and for the world,” Dalibor Rohac of the American Enterprise Institute said in a FOX News op/ed. “Le Pen is no friend of conservatism… Frexit, which would have been likely accompanied by a default on France’s sovereign debt, could trigger a global financial panic of a magnitude far exceeding the experience of 2008 and 2009.”

The European Union, a globalist entity filled with international bureaucrats setting an authoritarian agenda for an entire continent, will be preserved. That is what the thinktank class is applauding. The bought-off hacks from more libertarian-leaning Washington DC operations are offering up similarly enthusiastic endorsements for corporate hegemony, only paired with insipid lefty rhetoric that might as well been from the pages of Mother Jones or Salon.

“The queen of hatred and ignorance has still won a battle in the long war,” CATO Institute senior fellow Tom Palmer said about the French election results. Palmer is an openly homosexual social justice warrior who uses his well-funded post to hurl baseless accusations of racism at anti-war and pro-secession libertarians. “Macron had better free French markets rapidly and reduce obstacles to employment to put France on the road to widely shared growth and prosperity, or she and her interventionist and national socialist program will be back with more strength.”

Of course, Macron is never going to free the French markets. He will continue an aggressive regime of corporatism at the behest of the bankers who control him. Macron will be importing more refugees to take jobs from native Frenchmen and further demean the national character. Lip service will be paid to the rights of homosexuals, which will be sure to send a thrill shooting up Palmer’s leg. Homosexuals will be emboldened in Macron’s France to openly and proudly display their state-subsidized degeneracy, as long as they can avoid being butchered by an offended Islamist for doing so.

This ivory-tower mindset of the corporate-funded libertarians and conservatives tucked away in their isolated bubbles in Washington D.C. continues to be a devastating hindrance to the movement as a whole. The tone-deaf arrogance of these out-of-touch elitists sacrifices political reality for irrelevant and disingenuous fantasism. Marine Le Pen’s policy proposals were not doctrinaire free market. She did not quote Milton Friedman on the campaign trail. If she had done that, she would have been laughed off by the French people as an afterthought. By creating policy proposals with actual appeal to the common man, she has developed a movement that poses an existential threat to the global order.

Most libertarians and conservatives, at least of the American persuasion, would be far more comfortable away from the action. That way, they could sit in their isolated bubbles miles away from the pressure of actual relevance. They could operate in their echo chambers, scribble down their pointless little writings that influence nobody, and enjoy the safety of their fruitless yet lucrative positions in lala land. This is what has sufficed for the intellectual backbone of the conservative movement for a generation, and it is why the movement is in complete and utter shambles right now.

Beltway conservatives and libertarians have failed in every sense of the word. Their poor scholarship has even turned the masses off from the idea of free markets. These “thinkers” assume that since a Frenchman can get a good deal on slave-made consumer goods, they ought to be fine with their women getting raped in the streets by barbarians. They assume that because the Koch Bros and other self-serving oligarchs are able to maximize their already-obscene profit margins, Frenchman ought to tolerate increasing terror attacks. It’s just a fact of life, after all, so get over it. Imported cheap labor helps the bottom line, so the “little people” better fall in line quickly, or else some corporate whore will call you a racist and fascist.

This is the status quo that a certain type of conservative and libertarian sees as an ideal. This pathology within the movement is a big reason why Donald Trump, a man with no experience, no coherent policy proposals, no understanding of the process, and no respect for the political system, was able to come in and take control immediately. The conservatives and libertarians had done such a putrid job for so long that their constituents demanded an actual leader. This vacuum was filled in the states by Donald J. Trump, for better or for worse. Strong-willed populists who will pull no punches are rising throughout the world because conservatives and libertarians have pontificated, but accomplished little else.

When the Ron Paul revolution was in high gear, most libertarians chose self-aggrandizement over actually advancing the cause in real terms. They brainwashed themselves that withdrawing and surrendering was somehow the ultimate fulfillment of liberty. They listened to poor advice from shady, unaccomplished gurus such as Larken Rose and Jeff Berwick, and poured their precious resources down various ratholes instead of focusing on productive behavior. An opportunity was squandered. Conservatives had their shot during the tea party era to remake politics, but when given the opportunity to finally vote the bums out, they elected proven scumbags over and over again. Another opportunity was squandered.

With right-wing populism rising throughout the world, another huge opportunity stares us in the face. The same libertarians and conservatives who had their shot, and blew it monumentally, want to screw this up again as well. They want to denigrate people like Marine Le Pen, Nigel Farage, and even Donald Trump because they are standing up, fighting back and making a difference. They aren’t just sitting around and whining; they are actually rallying people against globalism effectively. This may make the emasculated, the jealous, and the petty amongst us very ornery, but we must realize that these developments are fantastic news and figure out how tap into it ourselves. Political upheaval is what libertarians need, and it is time to fully embrace populism while ushering the proven failures amongst us directly into the ash heap of history.


  1. I’m a janitor in Norway not some eletists in DC and I still recognize a fascist when I see one. Screw you guys. The fact that you would bring up Simone’s sexuality completely discredits you. Clearly you only want freedom for people who are like you. Thrrr were no good option in France, but Le Pen was slightly worse. She would have destroyed free trade and cause economic mayhem that would have driven the masses of Europe to seek refuge of fascists and communists alike. Putting up walls is the first step to going back to the old days when European nations were constantly at war with one another.

  2. As another openly homosexual Beltway libertarian, but one much happier with Trump than is my old friend Tom Palmer, I think your rant is a bit misguided and perhaps is just clickbait and not intended to be informative. None of the French candidates or parties are free market, limited government parties. Neither Macron nor Le Pen is without flaws. It is true a Le Pen victory and/or Frexit would be a blow to the EU super-state bureaucracy and to “liberal” cultural/political hegemony. Macron’s ;having the Socialist and starting a new party is also a blow to the old order, just less flamboyantly so. Palmer, and CATO people and Beltway libertarians generally are too concerned with denouncing nationalists and anyone they think the liberal elite might accuse of racism (which is 85% of the population, if not 99%). On the other hand, sometimes conservatives are not concerned enough to do this. Perhaps the next general election of deputies will produced a Macron/Le Pen coalition government with the Socialists and all the established parties locked out. That would be good.

  3. Good article Mr. Trejo. Cato and the other DC orgs are worse than useless. They are full of pompous morons who have done nothing but LOSE for generations.

  4. My official position on the French election is that I don’t care. Let the French decide what’s best for France. If they make stupid choices then they can serve as a lesson for everybody else.

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