How Hillary Clinton admitted Bernie Sanders was the more viable Democrat

Since the stunning loss to Republican Donald Trump in November, Democrats have been left in a state of shock and turmoil. The blame game has resulted in bitter infighting and launching of stones at outside factors. External blame is typically aimed at the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Director James Comey individually, as well as the supposed Russian involvement in leaking their own questionable conduct.

Internally, many establishment Democrats and bitter Hillary Clinton supporters are laying blame at the rise of the progressive left as led by Senator Bernie Sanders. Senator Sanders himself did throw his support behind her, but the bulk of his base refused to accept her as a candidate.

Because of this, and the fact that Senator Sanders remained in the race as long as he did, many angry Clinton supporters blame him and his people for her loss.

Senator Sanders supporters return fire by pointing out their vote was never earned because the entire primary process was at best biased and at worst rigged. Wikileaks dumped e-mails between top Democratic National Committee officials exposing contempt among the higher ranks for the progressive United States Senator and open coordination against him.

Why should any one support a candidate who didn’t win a fair fight?

Further to the point, the progressive left points out that Senator Sanders would have been more like to win the Presidency. He didn’t carry a lot of the baggage that Clinton, wasn’t viewed as a career politician or selfish opportunist, is generally consistent in his beliefs, and inspired people whereas the former Secretary of State couldn’t.

The Clinton camp refutes this point, while actually inadvertently admitting it’s the truth.

Many Democrats immediately after the election said the turning point was FBI Director James Comey’s letter just weeks before the election declaring that the e-mail investigation was back on in light of new evidence. This reignited a controversy that haunted Clinton for months. In an election that showed a significant number of people making their voting decisions in the final weeks leading up to the election, Democrats claim Director Comey essentially snatched the election away from Clinton.

Let’s for a moment assume this is true. Let’s assume that the Clinton camp is correct and the victory of Donald Trump is due to Director Comey reopening the e-mail investigation.

What would have happened had there been a candidate not under investigation by the FBI?

By Clinton’s own logic, that candidate would have won. If Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey had never come out with that letter re-opening the e-mail investigation weeks ahead of the general election, Clinton, as the narrative goes, would have won. Senator Bernie Sanders was also never at any point under investigation by the FBI for possibly mishandling classified information.

By the logic of most establishment Democrats, Senator Bernie Sanders would have won the general election or at least been a much more viable candidate. But instead, they opted for Hillary Clinton through a questionable setup and arguably rigged primary process.

It’s almost as if the Democratic Party wanted to lose.

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.


    • I love when people go for the worst case scenario and try to argue that the US would look *exactly* like that. Hey, now that Trump won we’ll surely look exactly like Liberia!

      • Yeah you look at California it’s a joke so many hand outs the counties have decared bankruptcy so many times and you want to run the nation like that don’t be an idiot. I’m Canadian and we got stiffed by California so many times like over 2 billion dollars in unpaid electricity bills due to bankruptcy. Can’t reason with people like you.

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