Hillary Lovers, Wake Up!

To all the Romney/Ryan fans (i.e. “Hillary Lovers”)  exhibiting the intellectual dishonesty of people motivated more by fear than truth, I ask this question: Why  don’t you fear losing the Supreme Court for a generation to a bunch of radical leftist totalitarian justices? They apparently do not fear the out-of-control regulatory state that we know Hillary will expand. They apparently do not fear the gross excesses of the national security apparatus that we can expect from a Clinton Crime Syndicate that will make Nixon’s misuse of the IRS look like child’s play. They apparently care not a whit about corruption, since there is nothing in Trump’s dubious “Trump University” shenanigans or corporate bankruptcies that come close to the “pay for play” behavior we have substantiated with the Clinton Foundation.


No, the only thing these folks fear is Main Street America rising up with pitchforks and demanding that someone in the Washington-Wall Street Axis at least throw them a few morsels. It is the Tea Party that these people hate, not the Democrats.

As for Trump being Putin’s Manchurian Candidate, I would submit that the Clinton Crime Syndicate has done much more for Russia than Trump. After all, Trump did not sign over the rights to USA uranium reserves to the Russians in return for donations to the Clinton Foundation. The “pay for play” on that score has been well documented (“Clinton Cash”) and continues a tradition going back to Bill Clinton’s Presidency of handing over classified technology to the Red Chinese in return for bundled, illegal donations.

The most we can say about Trump is that he has a penchant for “strong men,” no doubt part of his own machismo self-identity. On the other hand, the Trotskyite/KGB connection with Hillary, Soros, the Democrat Party, etc. is so well known that it is laughable to suggest that Trump is the toady on this score.

Finally, how do the Romney/Ryan “Hillary Lovers” justify their claim that Hillary will be stronger and more assured on foreign policy and military issues? Is it only because the bulk of the foreign policy and military establishment have joined with the Romney/Ryan faction in favoring Hillary’s win? If so, then that is hardly a basis, for anyone with even a modicum of historical knowledge will attest that these folks always favor the status quo over change as a matter of institutional prerogative. Most of the foreign policy and military brass supported Carter over Reagan in 1980. I do not mean to suggest that Trump is another Reagan. Rather, I am making the point that agents of change are not favored by folks whose bread and butter come from perpetuating the status quo.

Apart from endorsements, what else has Hillary done to suggest that she would be a surer hand in such matters? Do we point to “leading from behind” in getting rid of Gaddafi? Nope. That does not help the “Hillary Lovers” cause. Do we point to the Russian Re-Start? Or how about the Arab Spring getting rid of USA allied leaders and replacing them with the Muslim Brotherhood or other Jihadists? Or how about the rise of ISIS in the vacuum left in Iraq? Nope. None of these examples support the “Hillary Lovers” cause.

About the only thing that Hillary did effectively as Secretary of State was to orchestrate the “pay for play” schemes through surrogates and then to eliminate the emails that would expose them…

Actually, she did not even do that much right, since Wikileaks got their hands on emails that the FBI could not or did not want to find.

Reeb, Wharton, Lopuch, etc. will continue to pretend that they are so aghast at the choice offered them in this 2016 Presidential election cycle. In fact, they are not aghast. So long as they get their open borders and their outsourcing they are fine with the Clinton Crime Syndicate keeping the Washington-Wall Street Axis in power.

The rest of us will know that Trump is a far from perfect candidate, developer, or even human being. We shall know that he is likely to abandon the conservatives on a score of issues if elected. Nevertheless, the rest of us will know that, for all his erratic behavior, Trump is not Clinton and that that alone is a valid reason to support his candidacy.

Michael Sean Erickson is a political consultant, film producer, an essayist, an Anglican Catholic Priest, a stage actor, and a husband, He is also the author of The Lost Sombrero, Beautiful Catrina, and Dream Time. Originally from San Jose, California, he had lived in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, before moving more recently to Los Angeles with his beautiful wife, Sharon, and their Shih Tzu, Shansi.

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