Hitting Women Back In The Age Of Feminism: Is It Kosher?


It was a right hook seen and heard around the internet; a viral video, now at the center of controversy, spawning a nationwide debate challenging traditional social norms around gender.


The incident took place November 4, 2017, at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.

The Miami Hurricanes faced off against the Virginia Tech Hokies. Throughout the game, Miami fan Bridget Frietas was consuming a lot of alcohol. Reports indicate she was running high on ‘liquid courage,’ and began getting belligerent with some fans in her section; screaming a number of profanities.

Four officers were called to the section where the 30-year-old Hispanic woman was seated.

Authorities attempted to escort her to the nearest corridor to speak with her. Yet, intoxicated and running high on emotion, she refused to leave. Following several requests, the four officers, along with two men and one woman, lifted Freitas up over their shoulders and began to carry her up the stairs to the corridor.

However, Freitas was not going out without a fight.

She kicked and waved her arms while being carried up the stairs to the corridor. During her temper tantrum she slapped Miami-Dade Detective, Douglas Ross, who was retraining her right leg; immediately afterward, Ross’s fist connected with the right side of Freitas’ face, knocking her back like a rag doll.

Freitas has been charged with felony battery on a police officer and disorderly conduct misdemeanor. Reports do not indicate she spent any time in jail. The cop, of course, is on a temporary suspension following an investigation. Take a look and judge for yourselves.

Based on initial responses over social media, it appears the majority of comments lean heavily in the officer’s favor. People saw a woman, acting like a brat, being carried out like one, get served a mouthful of justice.


Could this be a possible sign our culture has opened its eyes to what a genderless society looks like? What equality across the board really means?

It certainly begs the question; should there be exceptions to how genders are treated?

For centuries men were taught to honor and protect women. When instances of women being physically assaulted happened, society was quick to come down harshly on the male abuser. If a man was caught doing something inappropriate  such as a husband cheating on his wife  she could slap him and be applauded for standing up for herself.

In instances where a man physically assaulted a woman, he would be viewed as a ‘weak’ and classified as a ‘bully,’ drawing a plethora of insults. This cultural norm, I do believe, is still present in our nation today.

Again, the original expectation was for men to honor, respect and protect women. Not use their size to intimidate and force them into submission. And, if a woman were to get upset and slap a man, generally the assumption was he was asking for it.


The feminist movement helped further women’s causes and, as a result, leveled the playing field. Aside from the random male chauvinist, the majority of men are supportive of equal rights for women.

Yet, today, not everyone is on the same page when it comes to physical retaliation against women. The third-wave feminist movement has complicated the matter. While there’s no argument that it’s NEVER acceptable to hit a woman out of anger , the debate is whether a man should have the right to retaliate if a woman initiates an assault against him first.

With equality being the focal point of the feminist movement, it seems many were under the impression certain privileges still applied. Many feminists still believe they have the privilege of hitting a man for whatever reason they deem fit, expecting no physical retaliation. This was not part of the initial ‘equality’ standards they advocated to acquire.

This is comparable to accepting a higher paying job and not realizing what responsibilities came along with it. The employee does not have the right to pick and choose which duties to perform in their new position. The responsibilities are the same across the board for whoever is offered the position. Duties are not simply altered as a result of gender, race or sexual identification.

In the past, many women would use their gender to carry out physical assaults, knowing both men and women would come to their aid should their male victim retaliate. The irony is the present-day feminist push for a genderless society, yet many still want to retain certain privileges bestowed to their gender. So where does this leave us as a nation?

Is it more important to focus on the creation of a genderless society? Or, should American culture work harder to remind men how to treat a lady while simultaneously teaching women the importance of respecting men?

Matthew Cassady is a freelance business writer supporting numerous companies with their content needs. Over the course of his 20-year career, Cassady has worked as a newspaper reporter, copywriter, corporate trainer, and now freelance business writer and Liberty Conservative contributor.


  1. I’ll put up with slaps and the like but if she balls up her fist and connects she has gone from being a woman to becoming a bitch, and will get treated as such

  2. People in positions of power or those charged in enforcing rules should have the utmost restraint. As a critical care nurse I’ve been punched, kicked, bitten, spit in the face and have had feces and urine thrown in me. Massive amounts of restraint was needed.
    The security officer or what ever he is should have cuffed her and he wouldn’t have been slapped. He should be charged with assault just as she should have the added charge of assault.

    • It’s the new age of racism. Yes there are legit racists. But claiming racism out of any situation that involves people of different skin color, is what I call “Phantom Racism.” No one is actually racist, people make that claim out of nothing and therefore racism lives in. People assume others are racist therefore that births racists.

  3. She got what she deserved! Yes, men shouldn’t hit a woman but it goes BOTH ways & when she hit him, he shut her down! Some women think just because they ARE women, they can treat & bully men & there won’t be any reprocussions, looks like she was one! Bet she’ll think twice if she ever decides to be a fool again!

  4. Women want to be equal and when they are treated as such they don’t like it well news for ya act like a women should start hitting then your not a women but an equal . And don’t go into combat either the enemy won’t be kind to you either .

    • Strongly disagree. No person is ever required to not use self-defense, regardless the gender involved. Your position says that women can attack men with impunity. It says that the might of the US military can be rendered useless simply by a country sending female-only units against us.

    • While the sentiment that yout can never ever hit a women for any reason ever is false, mostly because I’m sure that women can pose a threat to safety and life just as well as men can, I do think that what the cop did was slightly excessive. She was definitely in custody, they could have just, you know, handcuffed her.

    • If a woman punches me with full force it might hurt. If I go off on a woman full force I could kill her. That’s not true for all men but we are built stronger. In most physical confrontations there is an escape route. Better to run from a crazy woman than to get 15 years in prison. There’s some logic but really – it’s just about holding onto chivalry regardless of the world around me.

    • As for killing a person that has been assaulting me… According the laws of every state I would consider living in, deadly force is allowed to prevent death or great bodily harm. The law allows thst great bodily harm can be inflicted by fists.

      Also, I was commenting on the general statement and not the specific situation.

    • I get it. It is unlikely that either of us will be in a situation to test out our thoughts. When I was younger I had situations that I could have hit a woman in self defense but ultimately I would have lost bigger had I defended myself. Better to have escaped the situation and found better situations. I never had to get to know bubba.

  5. if women are to be equal the question is moot! still bad form but in a situation where she instigates the violence it should be an option. personally, it should be a rare occurrence!

  6. My wife likes to say “fight like a man, get treated like a man. Fight like a woman, get treated like a woman.” In other words, she seems to support the statement “I would never hit a woman, but I would hit one back…” All that to say I don’t support hitting women, and really wonder about the need to suppress her actions that way with that many cops… but I also don’t think a case needs to be made out of it… except maybe a case not to hit a cop

  7. Just leave or steam roll threw them to leave. No woman is worth getting that mad at imo. But your pride aside and just let stupid people rage, you can’t help them they’re too stupid to help.

  8. How do people feel about starting a new political party dedicated to reversing laws that work against healthy male-female relationships?

    Am thinking that the name can be, the Patriarchy Party.

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