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How To Make Conservatism More Attractive to Minorities


As a Latino in the conservative movement, I can honestly say that conservatives have not hit the right notes with minorities. This is mostly because leftists and Democrats have a way of conflating right-wing ideas with immoral acts such as murder and racism, thus scaring minorities into leaning liberal. Even though it should be easy for conservatives to refute such notions, it tends to come off as pretentious and even bigoted to everyone else. In order to actually get minorities to switch to conservatism, we must choose our words carefully on certain issues, and take advantage of their genuine concerns regarding life in America.

When interacting with Latinos, conservatives usually come off as harmful due to hard-line positions on immigration and border security. To alleviate this burden, conservatives should change the diction they typically use to talk about these issues. For example, when we use the phrase “border security,” we sound as if Latinos and other groups of people coming over the border threaten our way of life. The Latino community will always react negatively to conservative ideas if we speak like Latinos are a danger. Instead of talking about border security, deportation, or ICE, we should begin to talk about immigration like it’s an issue of practical reform. I don’t mean to say that we should start supporting open borders, or granting amnesty to illegal immigrants guilty of crime, but putting together a coherent reform plan that doesn’t only include deportation is a must.

Conservatives can also appeal to Latinos by placing more emphasis on hard work. All jokes aside, Mexicans in particular are the number one group in America that takes the jobs the rest of us simply won’t. These are the janitors, construction workers, and arguably, the best cooks our country has to offer. Hard work is also one of the great pillars of conservatism; we believe in working hard and being self-sufficient. This is a possible connection that we can make to Latino communities. Instead of telling Latinos in poverty that they need to work harder, we can acknowledge the work that they already do and how they contribute to the well-being of our country as a whole. Additionally, we tell them about the virtues of lower taxes and keeping their hard-earned money.

To appeal to the black community, we must address their concerns, no matter how unjustified we may believe they are. With this community, we simply can’t brush aside their concerns of police brutality and racism in America, otherwise conservatives will play into the preconceived narratives. For Blacks, we should not crush their narrative, but use it to our advantage by explaining the importance of individual liberty and limited government.

Many black people (particularly those in the Black Lives Matter movement) have a disdain for the police because they fear that the police will stop them and unjustly beat them. What they always seem to forget is that all Americans have rights under the Second Amendment of the Constitution that allows anyone to buy and own guns for protection. As conservatives, we should step in and tell the black community that they should be armed and vigilant to protect them from all potentially violent encounters. Now, I don’t mean to encourage people to take matters into their own hands with the police. Cop killing is always wrong, but conservatives can definitely quell some of the fears of the black community by empowering them with their to self-defense and gun ownership.

One facet of the Black Lives Matter narrative is that there is an illusive “privileged white man” who relentlessly seeks to oppress them. In this case, conservatives need to make the argument with black people that they can be free from oppression with limited government. After all, law enforcement are government officials. Under limited government, we can ensure black people that they can acquire full ownership of their lives and achieve liberty on their own terms. We can play into the leftist’s narrative to help our cause by telling black people that white men such as Bernie Sanders and Chuck Schumer only wish to increase taxation, expand the power of government, and unwitting empower the police state by putting more restrictive laws on the books.

If done correctly, conservatives can flip the Black Lives Matter narrative on its head and turn it into a conservative message. In addition, I believe we can change up a few words in the immigration debate to get more Latinos to convert to conservatism. Overall, minorities have consistently leaned left because Democrats and other progressives have been able to tap into their emotions. If conservatives did the same, the results would be astounding.


  1. Hard to compete with victimology and hand outs. We have had Marxism slowly erode a free society all over the world and socialism only fails when other people’s money run out and nothing is left to plunder.

  2. As a minority, I can say that it’s up to them to realize that real liberation doesn’t lay in socialist policies. Here’s how it’s perceived from a Liberal’s point of view that Conservatives want to erode everything and only have white men in charge when the truth is the opposite.
    Issues of the environment and minorities are more liberated once economics are at the forefront of policy. Real social and economic liberation is in conservative and libertarian movements, shutting out the majority voice that is constantly online, on TV, in our schools and colleges is very difficult. I found it. I’m hoping I’m doing my best to explain what it’s like from a minority perspective.
    This article explains everything correctly!

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