HuffPo Slams Trump for Believing Genes are Real


According to The Huffington Post, this may be the most “dangerous part of Trump’s campaign.”

Is it his support for peace with Russia? Is it his hiring of Steve Bannon, who has been made out to be the mastermind of the troublemaking alt right movement?

None of the above. In the eyes of The Huffington Post, the most dangerous part of Donald Trump’s campaign is that he agrees with mainstream theories of genetics.

In a video intended to spook and scare people, The Huffington Post – an organization that Trump has accurately lambasted as being “very dishonest” – compiles various comments from Trump where he discusses genetics and intelligence.

“All men are created equal – well, it’s not true, because some are smart and some aren’t,” Trump says in the video.

Trump says different people are born with different cognitive ability- science says he’s right.

Does that mean Trump hates the Constitution, and thinks that rights should be determined based on genetics or skin color?

Well, no – only a regular Huffington Post reader could be brought to believe that. The sense of equality being discussed in the Constitution is referring to equality under the law – the idea that the law should treat all equally and fairly.

Trump is referring to, in this case, equality of ability. The idea that all people are born with the same ability is an unscientific notion that falls apart when one leaves their gender studies class and observes the real world.

Arthur Jensen, one of the preeminent researchers on IQ.
Arthur Jensen, one of the preeminent researchers on IQ.

No two people are the same, and likewise, people are born with varying degrees of intelligence. This is a notion suggested by nearly all research on intelligence and heredity. Two of the most notable experts in this field are Dr. Philippe Rushton and Dr. Arthur Jensen, who in 2005 published their study, “Thirty Years of Research on Race Differences in Cognitive Ability.”

After analyzing ten key types of evidence, including transracial adoption and worldwide findings on IQ and g intelligence, Rushton and Jensen come to the following conclusion: “the new evidence reviewed here points to some genetic component in Black–White differences in mean IQ.”

Most people do not need to review a peer-reviewed study to come to the fairly obvious conclusion that not everyone is born with the same intelligence or capability – from our earliest days in elementary school, this is something that most people quickly become aware of.

The video continues, featuring an unnamed, glasses-wearing bearded man surmising that Donald Trump and his family believe in the “racehorse theory,” which is to say that two fast racehorses bred together will produce a fast racehorse. The man, who we are supposed to assume is intelligent based on his appearance, continues to assert that Trump and family believe that there are “superior” people, who, when bred together, will produce “superior” offspring.

It is clear what Huffington Post is implying here: they are implying that Trump, because he believes in basic genetic theory taught in most high schools, believes in white superiority or white supremacy.

They make this abundantly clear at the end of the video, which ends with a clip of Trump saying he is proud of his “German blood,” calling it “great stuff.” Anybody up for starting a #NotAllGermans campaign?

It’s science, stupid

When Trump says that he is a “gene believer” and says that he was born with a certain “intellect,” is he speaking in racist code language, as Huffington Post implies? If he is, your high school biology teacher, the National Institutes of Health, and every genetics professor in the country is well on their way to making the SPLC watch list.

The study of recessive and dominant traits is, in many cases, literally Biology 101. There are many sources on the internet, many of them designed for children, that explain the process in great detail.

It is surely ironic that days after gleefully excoriating Trump for his stance on climate change, the same media is reduced to nervous teeth-grinding over Trump’s embrace of mainstream genetic science.

Perhaps, if Huffington Post’s video producers had paid more attention in high school biology, they would realize Trump’s statements are objective fact, not scary and “dangerous”.


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