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Illegal Immigrants: If America Is So Bad, Go Home

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It is a phrase that has become prominently featured in the debate over illegal immigration – some illegal immigrant students across the country have even begun referring to themselves as “undocumented and unafraid,” demonstrating that they are here both here illegally and do not fear punishment for their violation of federal law.

The idea of taking a public stand and being proud of violating United States immigration law is only possible as a result of direct actions by President Barack Obama. Obama’s unconstitutional and illegal Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and executive action Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) executive actions sent a strong message to Americans and illegals alike: our borders, our laws, and our sovereignty do not matter.

“Undocumented and unafraid”

As a result of the Bush and Obama administrations’ lenient enforcement of our deportation laws, illegals in our country have developed a sense of security. Some of them – particularly young illegals on college campuses – have extrapolated on this sense of security and developed a strong sense of entitlement.

President Obama's unconstitutional DACA and DAPA executive actions have signaled that American sovereignty and law does not matter.
President Obama’s unconstitutional DACA and DAPA executive actions have signaled that American sovereignty and law does not matter.

How is this sense of entitlement observed? The phrase “undocumented and unafraid” itself shows a sense of entitlement. Admitting to be in violation of federal law, and then bragging about not facing consequences, is a paradigm that would be seen as ludicrous if it were applied to any other law.

For example, imagine if there were a proud movement dedicated to not paying taxes. Would the Obama administration coddle an “Untaxed and Unafraid” movement? The evidence suggests not. How about an “Unbaked and Unafraid” movement of bakers who refuse to violate their religious principles to cater events they object to? No, the government would allow them to be sued out of existence. Maybe a “Pedophile and Proud” movement for people who object to age of consent laws – well, actually, the left has cheered that on and actively supports it.

The above examples are not to compare all illegal immigrants to tax dodgers or pedophiles, but all of the above cases are examples of a group or individual acting in, or intending to act in, violation of federal law.

By coddling illegals, our government is allowing a new philosophy to take hold in the illegal immigrant community – a philosophy where illegals argue they have the same claim to America as citizens, and state that in no uncertain terms that they are “here to stay.”

Changing America (for the worse)

Alone, this philosophy would be annoying, but not necessarily invidious. The problem is that many of these “undocumented and unafraid” advocates do not stop with just taking pride in their heritage and (lack of) legal status, they actively work to make America resemble whatever third world country they came from.

It should be no surprise that people from predominantly third world socialist countries bring an admiration for third world socialist politics with them when they illegally come here. This is not just conjecture – according to Pew Research, among Hispanics, those here illegally overwhelmingly support the Democratic Party and big government policies. Is it any wonder why the Democrats are such strong supporters of amnesty? Among legal immigrants, the numbers aren’t much better. By the fourth generation, although descendants of immigrants tend to be independents or soft Republicans, they still overwhelmingly support more spending on the poor and more social security.

Hispanics in the United States and political affiliation. (via Pew Research)
Hispanics in the United States and political affiliation. (via Pew Research)

Bernie Sanders realized this, which is why he put out a campaign video pandering to illegals and expressing support for the “undocumented and unafraid” community.

On campuses across the country, illegals and their allies are actively engaging in anti-free speech and violence. At the University of California Berkeley conservatives have been “sucker punched,” assaulted, and had their property destroyed at protests organized by illegals. Prominent pro-illegal organizations, like United We Dream, employ disgusting rhetoric to label Hispanics like Alex Castellanos who support Trump as part of the “Trump Klan.” How is this any different than calling a black Republican an “Uncle Tom”? The left will accuse the right of racism, and yet turn a blind eye to racist, leftist rhetoric like this.

United We Dream, a pro-illegal advocacy group, regularly uses racist rhetoric to target Hispanics who do not toe the party line.
United We Dream, a pro-illegal advocacy group, regularly uses racist rhetoric to target Hispanics who do not toe the party line.

Illegals who admit to violating federal law are treated better on college campuses than American citizens who are accused – not convicted, just accused – of committing crimes. According to George Washington University law professor George Banzhaf, a college student accused of committing sexual assault can be expelled with very little evidence, while illegals who proudly flaunt their status face nothing but assistance from the government.

This philosophy of entitlement does not just extend to political activity. In June 2016, an illegal immigrant high school student took to Twitter to brag about her “nice legs,” GPA, and full ride scholarship to the University of Texas. In a nation where many American citizens work their whole lives to send their children to college, illegals who brag about violating our laws are sent to college for free.

If this situation doesn’t sound ridiculous enough already, imagine it taking place between two other countries.

Imagine, for a moment, that a sizeable number of Americans decided that they had had enough of living in the America, and that they were going to emigrate to an Asian country, such as Japan, without that country’s permission. Once arriving in Japan, instead of making an effort to integrate into Japanese society, this group of Americans decided instead that Japanese culture must adapt to Japanese norms. The Americans protest the Japanese government, burn the Japanese flag, ascribe racist names to Japanese politicians, and demand political power in the Japanese government. All while being in the country illegally.

Is there any question about how the Japanese would respond? The American ingrates would assuredly be physically removed, so to speak.

Taking advantage of American altriusm

Gavin McInnes is right – Americans are getting “sick of ingrates,” those who take our nation’s freedoms and kindness for granted. Instead of being thankful and accepting the generosity of America and her people, how do many illegals show their appreciation? By interfering with American democracy, accusing Americans of possessing deep seated racism, and overwhelmingly advocating for bigger government and open borders.

Generosity and kindness are integral parts of Western and American collective psychology. Acceptance of immigrants who promise to respect American values is a time honored tradition.

However, allowing illegal immigrants to take advantage of our altruism and subvert our democracy should not be tolerated.

Illegal immigrants: if America is such a bad, racist place, there is always an alternative: go back to where you came from and try to make it a better place, instead of coming here and making our country worse.

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