Impeachment: A Cynical Bet Against America

Impeachment of Trump is still a possibility. Representative Brad Sherman, a California Democrat, has drafted articles of impeachment, and he isn’t alone in that effort. There’s growing support within the shrinking opposition party for the ouster of President Trump by hook or by crook or by both. Whatever works is fine with the Democrats, but nothing has worked so far. Everyone on the left side of our political spectrum needs to prepare themselves for more disappointment.

So far, they’ve been wrong about… Well, everything.

Donald Trump would never get the nomination. He would never beat Hillary. The GOP was about to be destroyed for good and replaced with a utopia of uninhibited one-party rule. The exact opposite has happened in every case, and the left has been demonstrating an epic degree of sore-loser-syndrome ever since. This is the stuff of legend, but not the good kind, it’s more akin to the Hindenberg or the Titanic.

Oh the humanity!

The left and their leaderless, rudderless political machine are continuously screaming for impeachment. The Deep State has been unsuccessful in their coup attempt, and their record of failure isn’t going to improve as time goes on when more leakers are discovered and brought to justice. The shadow government is coming apart at the seams, so the only option remaining is a last ditch effort toward impeachment.

They could bide their time of course. They could try to come up with some good policy proposals. They could identify and begin grooming a new generation of party leaders. They have time. The next presidential election isn’t until 2020, a political eternity in which anything could happen. Instead of growing and learning and improving themselves, the left has shown its true, ugly colors.

The best thing that could happen for the Democrats, and the Left in general, is if things worsen for the country. It’s difficult to imagine things getting much worse than a labor force participation rate rivaling Carter’s, businesses closing their doors as new startups fail to launch, and an Islamic Caliphate blossoming in the wake of a disastrous air war in Libya and a feckless foreign policy in the face of an Arab Spring. That is what Trump inherited from his predecessor, who wore his lack of testicular fortitude on his sleeve as well as his bleeding heart.

Even in the wake of Obama’s catastrophic presidency, things can still get worse, and that’s the left’s best bet. It’s a bet against America. It’s a bet that after eight years of mucking up the works, the American people will somehow forget that the Democrats own the slow-motion trainwreck that is Obamacare. It’s a bet that we’ll all forget their debacles, and we’ll come crawling back to the people who made the mess as if they’re somehow the only ones capable of fixing it.

They’re betting that most Americans are as obsessed with political revenge as they are. But most Americans aren’t interested in getting revenge on anyone. They’re interested in the ludicrous proposition that the government will help improve their lives, which is completely untenable.

Governments aren’t in the business of helping anyone except the politicos and bureaucrats who occupy the various halls of power. At its heart, government is an entity based upon the morally and intellectually bankrupt philosophy of “might makes right.” Expecting good to come from an entity that is inherently evil is a losing battle but the illusion of victory is easy enough to stomach if things improve even a scant amount.

And that’s the Left’s worst nightmare: Things getting better. If the policies of deregulating private industry, the pruning of an expansionist government, and a more complete implementation of a populist nationalism at the core of governance are successful, the Democrats are screwed.

There’s simply no realistic way they can impeach President Trump now. They would have to convince Republican majorities in the house and the Senate to turn against their leader and against their constituents. These are voters who aren’t interested in payback anywhere near as much as they’re interested in their own paychecks. If those paychecks actually get bigger between now and let’s say… 2018, the Democrats’ last best chance to oust Trump before the next general election goes up in smoke.

Even progressive puke-rags like Salon are coming around to the dismal reality unfolding before our eyes. No blue wave in 2018, says Salon. Serial hypocrite and economic illiterate Bernie Sanders regularly excoriates his part-time party for being an “absolute failure.” Even a blind squirrel finds a nut from time to time.

The only hope for Democrats is if President Trump fails and by extension, the whole country fails with him. In that case, they can sell a vengeance vote to the public with a little more credibility but make no mistake, that’s the only card they have to play. They have no new ideas, only recycled Marxism, and time will tell how that plays out in California where single-payer health care just passed the state legislature with an exorbitant price tag of $400,000,000,000, a calamitous cost for a state already in debt to the tune of $459,000,000,000.

Perhaps their strategy is just to deliberately inflict as much damage as possible and count on what Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber called the “stupidity of the American voter.” The Democrats believe us to be stupid Americans who will forget who’s to blame for the mess we’re in while they do everything in their power to stop the Republicans from fixing it. It’s not enough for them to merely do damage. They need to prolong the damage as well.

It’s a cynical ploy, and judging by losses in 2010, 2014, and 2016, it won’t work. Americans don’t want revenge, and they don’t like being treated as if they are simpletons by public officials. They may not like President Trump, but they want their own lives to improve much more than they want to ruin his life. Ignore those polls that show a majority of Americans wanting impeachment. Remember that these are the same polls that showed Clinton cruising to victory last year.

Don’t forget this: Democrats don’t want things to get better. They need things to get worse. They’re rooting against you. They’re rooting against all of us. In the highly unlikely scenario that their strategy works between now and 2018, it would help Democrats secure votes in Congress to realize President Trump’s impeachment. Even in their best case scenario, they’re still not out of the woods. They’ll will probably try to oust Mike Pence too out of spite and unhinged political bloodlust.

But this dark fantasy is just not going to happen. I’m betting on America. I’m betting that things start to improve, even a little bit. Just enough for Americans to forget their personal dislike of President Trump, and just enough for them to remember the mess that Democrats have made and are still trying to make while pinning the blame on anyone but themselves.

We’re not stupid, and we aren’t going to forget anything.

By day, Michael Rodgers is a logistics specialist in the aerospace industry. By night, he is an Associate Editor for the Liberty Conservative. He lives and drinks profusely in Dover, New Hampshire.

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