In a Dope Haze, Gary Johnson Sides With Swampy Senators Over President Trump

Finally escaping from his dope haze nearly a year losing as the Libertarian presidential contender, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson – infamous for several embarrassing campaign meltdowns including ‘What is Aleppo?’ and the MSNBC tongue incident – is back and as clueless as ever. He is taking the side of disgraced Sens. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and Bob Corker (R-TN) in their feud against President Donald Trump.

“I think they’re spot on,” Gary Johnson said in an interview with FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto on “Cavuto: Coast to Coast.” This was the first public interview he gave to the media since his failed presidential campaign last year. “The fact that Trump is acting crazy, is that the role of the outsider? Or is that just being crazy? I think the two of them are saying it’s being crazy, and I’m in that camp.”

Flake and Corker are planning to quit, rather than face humiliating defeats by Trump-aligned primary challengers next year. For opposing Trump, they have become national pariahs and will be leaving office with their tails between their legs. True to form, Johnson is hitching his wagons to these unpopular losers on the fringes of national politics.

“I would love to see transparency go along with diminishing the size of the federal government, but there’s no transparency to go along with this other than Twitter,” Johnson said. “And it’s not being transparent, it’s just being inflammatory.”

Johnson also participated in a rally in Washington D.C. yesterday that had little fanfare and went largely unnoticed by the press. It was a rally for so-called fair debates that would include Libertarian candidates and other third-party candidates in the national debates. This would give the minor parties a better chance to compete with Republicans and Democrats, who they claim unfairly dominate the process.

“I really think that if I were allowed to have been in the debates, I really think that I would have been President of the United States,” Johnson told News2Share. As usual, any decent libertarian points Johnson could have made were canceled out by his ridiculous comments.

While Johnson’s grasp on reality has not returned since the merciful end of his failed presidential campaign, libertarians can rest assured that they will not have to deal with Johnson in the national spotlight again. The gaffe-riddled dope smoker says he does not plan to run for President for a third time.


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