Islamic Libertarian Harassed by Leftists After Starting a Fundraiser for Deceased Oathkeeper

When oathkeeping patriot Frank Morganthaler suffered a heart attack while protesting Sharia Law this past weekend, leftists laughed at him as his life slipped away. This inspired an Islamic libertarian to start a fundraiser for the deceased man despite their political disagreements. This show of unity was soundly rejected by the intolerant left, who have started a campaign of harassment against the compassionate Muslim.

Will Coley’s idea was to raise funds to show mercy toward their enemies during the Islamic holy season of Ramadan. At a time when political tensions are reaching frightening highs, Coley hoped that this gesture would re-introduce a little bit of human dignity into the political sphere. After encountering vicious hate-filled leftists on social media, Coley’s hopes were dashed.

“We will not be deterred in our drive to do good for others, even those who see themselves as my enemy,” Coley wrote on Facebook in defense of his cause. Despite the heavy flak he is taking, he is hoping to raise $10,000 to pay for the Oathkeeper’s funeral costs.

A hate campaign was started on social media to derail Coley’s gesture, and it has been successful. Terror apologist Linda Sarsour led the way, and the mob mentality took over from there. Coley was derided for the color of his skin, and it was determined by leftists that his skin was just too white for him to deserve a say in Muslim affairs.

Coley was shaken by this news but is not particularly surprised. He and his group, Muslims for Liberty, have been shunned by mainstream Muslim organizations for many years. Because his ideas are libertarian, that has put him on the outside looking in. Now it is Coley’s skin color that is causing him problems in the Muslim community.

However, his idea has not been a complete failure. He has raised more than 25 percent of his stated goal at this point, and will be able to offset some of Morganthaler’s funeral costs at the very least. He also received a favorable television profile on a local news program in his native Tennessee to explain his plans to bridge the massive gap between Muslims and their opposition.

“I have my faith, and you have yours, but there’s no reason we have to hate each other because we believe differently,” Will Coley said in an interview with WVLT news.

Coley has his work cut out for him in this polarizing political climate, but he is intent upon building bridges even in the case of immense pushback. His fundraiser link can be accessed at this link.


  1. The intolerance against the campaign does not excuse you from poor journalism.

    “Terror apologist Linda Sarsour led the way, and the mob mentality took over from there.”

    What? This is sensationalist and lazy in one bundle. Not a single hyperlink, not a single quote. Instead, you use a slanderous label, then shrug your shoulders and try to sell us on “mob mentality.”

    Is there intolerance against the campaign? Sure. But consider documenting it properly with principles that most writers picked up in grade school.

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