Jack Kingston for Senate in Georgia!

Liberty Conservatives is  honored to announce our endorsement of Rep. Jack Kingston to be the next senator to represent Georgia. Throughout his career, he has a consistent record of cutting spending, passing bills to stop radical government encroachments, and defending our civil liberties.

His runoff opponent is a liberal RINO who proudly supports “fixing” Dodd-Frank instead of repealing it, raising taxes (2), and defending Common Core. We cannot afford this radical leftist in Georgia.

Jack Kingston has not been perfect, and we have squabbled with him on some appropriation bills. But on the Appropriations committee, he was recognized as one of the most conservative members, with RedState even endorsing him for the chairmanship. And we are confident with a review of Kingston’s record that he will protect the sanctity of life, defend the 2nd Amendment (unlike his runoff opponent), oppose the Patriot Act and the NSA, fight tax increases, and cut spending.

First, Rep. Jack Kingston has always been a favorite of Conservatives and Tea Partiers throughout the country. In 2010, tea partiers supported Kingston’s bid for Appropriations Chairman in the House.

Tea partiers who listened to Reps. Jerry Lewis (R-Calif.) and Jack Kingston (R-Ga.) on a conference call Monday night overwhelmingly favored Kingston to head the House Appropriations panel.

81 percent of the members of the Tea Party Patriots group who voted on the call said they wanted to see Kingston as committee chair, while 15 percent said they supported Lewis. Just five percent of the callers said they wanted to see longtime earmarker Rep. Hal Rogers (R-Ky.) lead the panel.



While Kingston sponsored or co-sponsored nearly $67 million in earmarks in fiscal year 2010, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, the Georgia Congressman has better marks on spending issues than his competitors: he scored a 74% rating from Citizens Against Government Waste, compared with 39% for Lewis and 38% for Rogers. In a telephone town hall this week held by the group Tea Party Patriots, more than 80% of respondents lined up behind Kingston.


“If fiscal conservatives want to get control of federal spending, we must first get control of the Appropriations Committee. And Jack Kingston gives us the best chance to accomplish that goal,” Chris Chocola, president of the fiscal-conservative organization Club for Growth, said in a statement. 


RedState’s Erick Erickson stated,

Into the runoff, I will support my friend Jack Kingston. Jack is with us a thousand percent on every social issue out there. Jack has just been on the Appropriations Committee and his fiscal votes over the years have not been as good as I thought Handel’s would be. So why not David Perdue?

First, I think CEO’s in the Senate tend to be terrible. They make great executives, but build temperaments poorly suited for the legislative branch. Second, Kingston has never been the insiders’ guy. His run for Chairman of the Appropriations Committee, which RedState supported, showed that. He’s always been a relative outsider while on the inside.

Perdue’s record, however, has consistently shown him to be the insiders’ favorite sort of outsider. Kingston may have a history of earmarks, but Kingston is far removed from the label of “crony capitalist.” I think he will be with us far more and far more consistently in the Senate than Perdue. In short, Jack will have our back and I can’t say that about David.

Finally, after all these years of knowing and liking Jack Kingston, I’ll have the pleasure of voting for him.

Conservative Sean Hannity stated,

“I have known Jack Kingston for 20 years. He’s a solid Ronald Reagan Republican and my choice in the Georgia Senate race. Jack will join the conservative coalition in the U.S. Senate.”


Jack Kingston and Karen Handel

And Karen Handel, whom I endorsed in the primary, endorsed Rep. Kingston for the runoff stating:

Today, I am formally endorsing Jack Kingston, the conservative choice for U.S. Senate.

I have had the unique opportunity over the last year to get to know all of the candidates very well, under the difficult circumstances and significant pressures of a statewide race.

What I’ve seen in Jack is a man of integrity who is devoted to his family. A man who is fiercely dedicated to the conservative principles that are the foundation of the Republican Party. A man who has represented the people of the 1st Congressional District honorably and effectively for more than 20 years.

When you are trying to decide who to support in the runoff, think about this: when Election Day came last week, the people Jack serves every day gave him an outstanding job performance evaluation. The 74% of the vote he received there speaks volumes about how well Jack has served the people in his district.

Now, he wants to go to work for all of Georgia. More than ever, we need a workhorse — not a show horse.

We need our new U.S. Senator to be a person who is extremely knowledgeable about the complicated issues Congress faces every day. We need a consistent conservative who brings the experience to be an effective member of the Senate from day one. And, we need a U.S. Senator who understands that the American Dream is for every Georgian no matter what their circumstances.

Friends, Jack Kingston is that person. I hope you’ll join me in returning to the polls on July 22 and voting for the man who has spent the better part of his life serving Georgia and who will continue to serve us well in the United States Senate – Jack Kingston.

And many more leaders from Rep. Tom Price to the Atlanta Tea Party leader, Julianne Thompson to Rep. Phil Gingrey to Steve Forbes and Brent Bozell have all endorsed Kingston. Liberty Conservatives is proud to give Rep. Kingston our endorsement, and we will strongly support him through the runoff and general election!

Help Rep. Jack Kingston 

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