John McCain’s Brain Tumor and Two Escaped Housewives Kill Obamacare Repeal

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John McCain and his tumor-ridden shell of a body giddily cast the deciding vote killing “skinny repeal” yesterday. In doing so, Traitor McCain cemented his legacy of treason and undermining his constituents wishes whilst simultaneously making President Trump’s path going forward infinitely more difficult. This is truly a record he and the Viet Cong communists who captured and turned him can hang their hats on.

For those who are unaware, this is not the first time Senator McCain has been a disloyal traitor to those in his camp. When McCain was taken prisoner in Vietnam, he provided the North Vietnamese with classified information that led to the deaths of numerous other airmen. That was not enough for old “Maverick McCain” though, who also starred in Viet Cong propaganda denigrating America and praising his captors. The vote today is yet another example of a senile traitor doing his utmost to turn on his people.

The two other Republican senators who voted against the policy are Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine. These “lovely” ladies joined every Democrat senator in opposition to the bill. Both women are real right wingers who support conservative causes such as Planned Parenthood, sodomite marriage, and amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Every serious person on the right should do their utmost to ensure that these two malignant tumors on the Republican Party feel the voters wrath come primary season. The other malignant tumor on the Republican Party will have felt the wrath of a much more powerful entity by then. We’ll likely see articled ending in “McCain is survived by his spouse, Senator Lindsey Graham” before he voluntarily steps down from his position of power.

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