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Joy Behar Is Free to Hate on Trump, So Why Can’t Women Hate Clinton?

On Friday, “The View” host and comedian Joy Behar asked co-hosts why does she “have to be so nice” about President-elect Donald Trump.

“If [Republicans] didn’t like Obama, it was about his politics,” she added. “[Trump] is about what he said,” and because of that, Joy vowed to be “the thorn in his side as long as I breathe.”

So far, so good. After all, don’t we all take pride in the fact we can disagree (somewhat) freely in the United States?

The problem is that as the marriage between special interests and state power players remains in place, outlets responsible for the dissemination of news and entertainment are also turning into platforms ripe for censorship. As major news organizations whose staffs are politically aligned with the left sell commentary as factual news, it’s increasingly difficult for many to voice their opinions against a particular candidate or even a policy without facing some backlash.

At first, we had Madeleine Albright, the first woman to have become the United States Secretary of State, telling America that “there’s a special place in hell for women” who do not vote for Hillary Clinton. While I do not pretend to know whether Behar agrees with Albright, I do see an important parallel between these two women’s comments.

Albright, a fierce Clinton supporter who served under President Bill Clinton, is a war hawk whose comments regarding the value of the lives of Iraqi children have tormented traditionalist conservatives and libertarians for two decades. Her threatening tone surrounding Clinton’s bid for the presidency wasn’t different, drawing attention from several members of the same groups. Nevertheless, when Behar decided to be loud about her right to not like the President-elect, nobody seemed to recall the campaign to shame women into voting for Clinton. A campaign that, at the end, backfired.

Regardless of the election outcome, many of Clinton’s supporters continue using the same tactics, labeling anyone and everyone who does not like their candidate as either a bigot or sexist. As a writer who lives in Los Angles, California, I still see women denouncing other women for having the audacity to fail to show up for their “girl” on my social media newsfeed. And yet when I ask some of them to name one policy of Clinton’s they support, they change the subject.

It’s important that Behar is free to dislike Trump and be able to say so freely and without calls for government-sponsored censorship being levied on her. But with a government system so reliant on crony capitalism, it’s difficult to see censorship sponsored by mediums of mass communication like Facebook, Twitter, or the TV industry as anything but a massive mistake.

While the right of property must be defended and these companies should remain free to set their rules and employ who they wish, we must not let the voices of those who do not agree with the main narrative lose grip of reality. After all, it doesn’t matter if your candidate is popular, because “the one thing that doesn’t abide by majority rule is a person’s conscience.”

Born and raised in Brazil, Alice always knew America was her home. From the moment she first lived in the United States as a 14-year-old up until now, she has never stopped fighting to make it freer.

She lives in Compton, California and writes for The Advocates for Self-Government and Anti-Media.


  1. JOY BEHAR NEEDS TO GROW UP STOP HATING ON TRUMP I will no longer be watching the view because of her Immature Obnoxious Bullying political views Trump apparently makes you relevant Joy what an immature arrogant obnoxious bully you are.

  2. Joy Behar is a hag. she was a hag at 16 and she is a hag now. Look at her for God’s sake

  3. I am so tired, so very tired and over Joy Behar. I am disappointed that ABC will continue to allow this terrible person who is such a hater, to host their program. I could go on, but my point is why is Behar the only one who can say whatever she wants to say??? Joy Behar offends me every time I have tried to watch the View. She is offensive without a point, or a view (no pun intended). WHY ABC do you allow continual disrespect of our nations President?? She never did that to Obama, and he’s not perfect and can be criticized just like anyone else. Everyone else on the View is fine, always has been really but Joy Behar is so offensive I can’t watch the show.
    Does she own ABC? What the heck?

  4. How any network could have that nasty, miserable , not too handsome , hater is beyond sanity, and to think she has followers that watch her every day and admire the crazy bitch.

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