Judd Apatow compares election of Donald Trump to getting raped

It’s no big secret that Hollywood is dominantly liberal. When it was clear that President Donald Trump was a viable force in the political mainstream, the celebrity elite entered a state of total meltdown. Although it has yet to occur, many liberal celebrities even pledged to flee the country to Canada if the controversial businessman ever found his way to the White House.

Now that he’s President and able to enact his agenda, Hollywood’s cries have grown worse with stronger meltdowns. The extremes those within the celebrity mainstream will go to know no lows.

Judd Apatow, a major name in Hollywood as a producer, actor, and comedian, has reached a new low. When he did a standup comedy set, he made some insensitive comments in an attempt to swipe at political opponents. After Trump was elected President, he said he felt like “a person about to get raped, but I didn’t know how bad it would be.”

A presidential election in which a political opponent gets the most vote is comparable to someone being forced to have sex?

Apatow’s insensitivity did not stop there. He went on to state he felt like he had been raped and was left wondering if he would be murdered.

Now a presidential election in which a political opponent got elected is comparable to possibly being murdered?

Now the controversy surrounding President Trump is not unexpected. Regardless of whether anyone agrees with his tactics or policies, they’re outside of the typical political norms. He has pushed proposals that are beyond standard boundaries of politics while showing a no-nonsense approach to getting things done. It’s bound to rub some people the wrong way, Apatow and the Hollywood elite included.

But to compare people casting votes for politicians to being forced to have sex? Apatow didn’t stop there. In addition to making insensitive comments making light of rape, he also took swipes at First Lady Melania Trump.

During his set, Apatow said that every day that the First Lady isn’t in the White House, she’s not getting “f–ked” by Trump. This cruel and disrespectful comment about the First Lady is even worse. One can disagree with a politician’s policies without having to take down their wife in the process.

But Apatow still didn’t stop with the rape comments and disrespecting the First Lady. He also cracked jokes about the President and First Lady’s young son Barron Trump.

Barron Trump has been a popular target for Trump opponents, which is disturbing and disgraceful. Just a month ago, Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich ripped the ten-year-old boy saying he looked like he’d become the first “homeschool shooter.” Like Apatow himself, Saturday Night Live is regularly attacking the President.

Has Hollywood finally lost its mind? The celebrity elite regularly rips President Donald Trump for being mean, indecent, and apparently totalitarian. The problem here is that Hollywood is guilty of everything they’re upset about. Judd Apatow is out making insensitive jokes making light of rape, comparing forced sexual activity with a democratic election. The fact that Apatow thinks this is alright is deeply disturbing.

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.


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