Judge Roy Moore: A Courageous Man Standing Strong Against The Forces Of Evil


The people of Alabama and Governor Kay Ivey have known Judge Roy Moore for his entire lifetime. They know that fabrications of the Washington elite, the socialist Democrats, and the GOP establishment are nothing more than a ploy to attempt to derail his victory in the campaign. They realize that these allegations from so long ago are impossible to prove or disprove and being done because the elites think the people of Alabama are gullible enough to just accept what they see on the idiot box.

Even with the GOP establishment led by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) spending over $30 million trying to prop up toady Luther Strange, the people of Alabama said no and the Republican Senate primary was won by Judge Roy Moore by a good margin. The establishment Republicans, the media, and the socialists are losing the cushy jobs where they pat each other on the back for showing up and getting nothing done. They refuse to even make an attempt to move the country forward in a way that is beneficial to the American people. Alabama is only the first battleground in the war to take our country back.

Judge Roy Moore is a threat, a man with a strong Christian foundation who has a strong Christian opinion on homosexuality, same sex marriage and a understanding of the Founders’ vision for the country and will not back down. This is the establishment’s worst nightmare. This may be taking place in Alabama, but the entire country is watching what is happening, and after the past eight years, they know the socialists will stoop to anything to retain their stranglehold on the American people and to control the power in Washington D.C. This could be the tide-turning moment that millions of patriots have been waiting for.

I do not doubt for a moment that all of these allegations about a Christian God-fearing man are just the lead up to another attempt to paint our President as a sexual predator as well. The Never Trumpers and all the denizens of the Deep State will build a new template against President Trump in the future based on what is happening to Judge Moore. Perhaps it will change the names and places, but it will once again be blazed across the skies by the media that also once declared a man like George Soros a “superpower of democracy.” It may be that all the lies and innuendo being promulgated are nothing more than an attempt to hold on to the post-Christian new world order that they have set as an agenda for generations.

The allegations were first published in the Washington Post, a bastion of impartiality according to the leftist fringe. This follows a familiar pattern over the last few years. During the campaign last year, the leftist cabal released the Billy Bush “grab her by the p-ssy” tape from eleven years earlier attempting to destroy the Trump narrative. When that didn’t work, out came the crying women calling President Trump a sexual predator. When that was proven false (even though leftists still cling to calling President Trump a pervert), the Steel Dossier was fabricated to try and convince the American people that Trump was a puppet of the Rooskies. None of these worked no matter how much the leftists on radio and television pushed the narrative.

Now, with Judge Moore, some are sensitive to the fact that he dated teenage girls over 40 years ago. Although that would not be my personal cup of tea, the legal age of consent in Alabama is 16. By the accounts of all the girls with the exception of one, Moore was a gentlemen and nothing untoward happened during the dates. The other girls were put in the story to try and cloud the issue and show a pattern of sexual predation on young women that simply doesn’t exist.

During the time that these alleged sexual escapades were happening, there are no police reports, no corroboration by authorities, and not one piece of evidence that Judge Moore did anything untoward. Bringing it up a month before the election is nothing more than a smear campaign to get Moore off the ballot by making him look so unpalatable to Alabama voters that he will fail. So what we are left with is a divisive country being pushed further apart by a premeditated character attack on a man who has been a dutiful husband, Christian, and who has worked on behalf of the people in his state in many capacities. It comes down to an attack by the socialists, the media and the GOP establishment desperately trying to defame a man of character at a critical time in the election process for power.

There is a woman who talked to The Conservative Tribune who goes by the name of “Beth” that worked with Judge Moore as a teenager. She said, “Yes, I absolutely believe the Judge is innocent. I’ve known him and his family for years. I was a teenager when I started working on his campaign. And he always honored and respected me and all the others. I never once felt uncomfortable.”

Let’s look how this has come forward and compare it to ad hominem attacks on others in the past. The establishment already tried the race card on the Judge in the primaries. Even the GOP establishment in the form of McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) piled on the accusations that Roy Moore was unfit to be a Senator without a single discussion of the policies that Roy Moore stands for. The race baiting did not work, so they moved to the gender card. They said that Roy Moore had a private “war against women” for his anti-abortion stance, and now, the sexual predator attack has followed with no substantial evidence.

These are nothing more than lowly attacks on an honest, honorable man with Christian values. The rumors and innuendo will continue to be spread until the election. Gloria Allred, feminist attention-seeking attorney, will pontificate about a Senate Investigation before her phony yearbook is looked at by experts, but her credibility will never return. There will be more women “found” by the mainstream media and the other sycophantic useful idiots of the leftists including John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Lindsay Graham who don’t care about actual evidence for these accusations. The Republican establishment should be ashamed for the betrayal of Judge Moore. Let this serve as a lesson to all Republicans and conservatives out there: The establishment is never to be trusted.


  1. We need another pedophile — and this one’s a charity fraud and religious nutbag to boot! Vote gop — keep bring America back to Dark Ages.

  2. More like courageous women standing against their evil sexual predator.

    Has there ever been a case where 9 women have falsely accused a Senate candidate just to prevent him from being elected?

    Moore doesn’t even deny he dated women under 18 when he was in his 30s, just that it would have been out of character for him to have done it.

  3. “They realize that these allegations from so long ago are impossible to prove or disprove and being done because the elites think the people of Alabama are gullible enough to just accept what they see on the idiot box.”
    They do because you are. Every single time without fail.

  4. <<< US Army Honorable Discharge (E5) Patriotic American ™

    Roy Moore is a moral, character, and intellectual disaster. Any suggestion that he is a "good" man says more about the character of the writer than it does about Moore's, since Moore is a disgrace to humanity by any measure

    The reason I am a LIBERAL is because I am a Christian and as a veteran, obviously a patriot. Jesus said we should feed the poor and take care of the sick, which runs counter to GOP principles. I believe the country I loved enough to take my chances in its uniform should espouse Christian values. I love Jesus, I love the United States of America, and I am liberal for those reasons.

  5. It really is stomach turning when you pause for a moment and think about how knuckleheads like this author sell all measure of their integrity to be pawns in the alt-right’s assault on truth, morality and standing for what is right. If there is a “special place in Hell,” for people who prey on children, there must also be a special place in Hell for their politically motivated apologists. You should be ashamed, John Velisek.

  6. Judge Moore===”Hang in there”! In this country, people are innocent until proven guilty and the pure of heart in this country will see through that. I wish you the best of luck in your campaign and don’t let the FAKE media ruin your life and reputation.

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