Judge Roy Moore Unaffected By Media Smears, Keeps Big Lead Over Democrat Opponent

The political establishment has come for Judge Roy Moore. After beating Sen. Mitch McConnell’s crony, Luther Strange in the Republican primaries, the GOP was not going to let this stand. A November surprise of sorts was concocted as four accusers emerged to accuse Moore of sexual impropriety after decades of silence.

Nevertheless, the dirty tricks have apparently failed. Recent polling data shows that the Alabama voters are not buying the mainstream media’s smears. The people of Alabama largely stand behind the Judge, and his lead over his Democratic opponent has not been affected.

According to a Breitbart News report, a poll conducted on Saturday evening showed that Moore is still commanding a ten point lead. He received 49.8 percent of support while his opponent, former Clinton-era federal attorney Doug Jones, received 39.6 percent of the vote. The previous poll that was commissioned before the allegations against Moore were released in the Washington Post showed Moore beating Jones by a 50 percent to 39.2 percent margin. The smear did little to impact his chances.

“The controversy surrounding the Washington Post article seems to have galvanized the support of both candidates, but not changed the actual percentages in a significant manner. The Moore campaign has already weathered a considerable amount of political attacks during this campaign season, and I expect most of his lightest support to have blown off during these attacks. His current support level is holding fairly steady,” pollster John Wahl told Breitbart.

Additionally, The Hill has reported that 37 percent of evangelicals polled after the allegations dropped indicated that they were more likely to vote for Moore. Only 28 percent said that they were less likely to vote for Moore following the allegations with 34 percent saying they were indifferent.

“This was a Democrat and maybe even the established Republican efforts to undermine this campaign because they don’t want to hear the truth in Washington and they don’t want to hear the truths about God and about the Constitution,” Moore said in an interview with Sean Hannity on his FOX News program.

Moore announced today that he will be filing a lawsuit against the Post for what he feels are libelous accusations against his character as well.


  1. The East Coast doesn’t realize how much they are hated by the rest of the country!!!!!!!!

  2. You are probably right but that is not different than most news sources. It is not that people think that kind of thing is wrong but they don’t believe the charges because this guy has been a public figure for decades as a moral crusader and now this all comes out decades later.

  3. Democrat Doug Jones, Judge Moore’s opponent in the senate election, supports partial birth abortion, which is to say, infanticide. I also was given information that he enjoys crushing helpless puppies on weekends, has sex with goats and eats his own boogers! Democrats are agents of satan!

    • Ben Broeker , right, because every time a politician who is not a leftist or RINO tries to run for office, they pull the same tired old attacks out of their bag of tricks, with absolutely no tangible proof but hearsay, innuendos and outright fabrications! Oh lets try the race card, if that doesn’t work, we’ll say he’s a sex fiend, and if that doesn’t work, we’ll say he’s a pedophile! See you are a sucker, or what Lenin referred to as a ” useful idiot’. Either that or you are a leftist/ democrat progressive who supports these outright evil personal destructive attacks.

  4. The gal that accused him was 134? She was outside a courtrhouse with her mother awaiting her time with a judge on her custody case… The mother asked Moore to sit with her daugjhter while she went onto the court room… ??? Really? What mother would want a 32 year old man with her 14 year old daughter… He assuled here there? Not clear on when the ‘assult’ reallly happened? And she met him at a motel room? AND SHE TOLD HIM TO ‘JUST GET IT OVER WITH’? WTF?

  5. praying that Americans, real Americans will see what the liberal democrats are doing to this nation and just as they try to destroy this good man reputation they are trying to destroy the constitutional Republic that gives us freedom. They must be stopped. Please work hard Alabama to elect this good man.

    • Jerry Wojcik : The fact that the Establishment didn’t want Trump is true but they were much more afraid of seeing a President Cruz than they were of a President Trump.
      Reagan was the Ted Cruz of that day.
      Trump was definitely not the biggest win against the Establishment.

  6. The swamp fears another real conservative. They know moore will expose their corrupt dealings which could result in jail for them. They fear losing the gravy train. Until hard facts are presented this is all a liberal/ rino plot

  7. Dear Democrats, your candidates are so bad that a pedophile and Donald Trump have beaten your party. It is seriously time for you to start doing something different. We are sick and tired of the government wasting our fucking money. And Democrats are much worse at it than Republicans are. Get your heads out of your asses!

    • I don’t know, Moore saying that he doesn’t remember if he dated teenage girls while in his 30s is kind of strange. He could just flat out deny it.

      Saying he had “mothers permission” doesn’t really help.

      I’m not saying he did it, but it’s not totally cut and dry.

      If it is fabricated, I wonder if it’s by the left, the right, or both…

      This website, “The Liberty Conservative” isn’t very good for giving objective information though.

  8. LOL! This just proves that most Americans recognize that the Washington Compost is FAKE NEWS!

  9. Republicans very be prepared for 2018 Senate and House elections because this is the new political format, they started with Donald Trump and now Judge Moore. They will accuse every candidate of committing a crime specially sexual crimes. Be in the lookout.


  11. Bunch of boot lickers… but, but my GOP…

    Multiple people are coming forward, he has a history of horrible decisions against rapist and diddlers, and you use Breitbart as a source…. no wonder you are hated my Democrats and other Libertarians.

  12. This is not good. I was willing to hear him out and fairly look at the credibility of his accusers. What I couldn’t understand was how his colleagues in the DA’s office had “common knowledge” that he was running around with high school girls and creeping them out without coming forward decades ago. Was it possible that the DA’s office turned a blind eye to his inappropriate behavior, that none of his political rivals brought this “common knowledge” forward in any of his political campaigns?? Yep. Apparently so.
    The letter he wrote in the year book of the 5th accuser is enough for me to believe everything in the Post’s report.
    We can’t allow people who have these kinds of problems in the GOP and elected government.

  13. Reported incidents happened 40 years ago, allegations are “read from a paper” by the accuser a week before his election? If it smells bad, it was probably cooked up by a Democarp.

  14. These attacks are classic “Rules for Radicals” attacks and people have come to expect them and know to ignore them. These attacks appear to be Rule #12.

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