Kyle Chapman and Augustus Invictus Announce “Based” Legal Guild to Protect Patriots

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Fresh off of his demonstration of power last weekend, Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman is ready for the next phase of his resistance plan. Anticipating that there will be many more conflicts between patriots and ANTIFA in the days to come, Chapman has combined forces with controversial Libertarian Party member Augustus Invictus to develop a legal guild of sorts.

“The point of this organization is to protect the rights of all persons engaged in protests like the one at Berkeley this weekend,” Invictus said in a Facebook post detailing the new project. “The Antifa have a network of left-wing attorneys who advise them of their rights and help them to escape criminal culpability when they commit acts of violence against law-abiding citizens.”

Invictus and Chapman aim to defend the rights of patriotic protesters against left-wing agitators. Both men have drawn frequent ire from the left due to their activism. Invictus and his supporters have been attacked by ANTIFA during rallies, and terror threats forced a libertarian festival to be shut down recently specifically because of Invictus’ involvement. Although he never initiated any violence, Chapman has been arrested multiple times because of skirmishes at contentious rallies. Both men believe it is time for this persecution to stop.

“We anti-communist, pro-American patriots need to establish a like network of attorneys, not to help our people escape criminal culpability, but to help them protect their rights when they are attacked by left-wing terrorists,” Invictus said.

Chapman and Invictus’ legal guild hopes to turn the tables on leftists in the court system, just as the tables were turned on the leftists in the streets of Berkeley this past weekend. They are currently scouting for lawyers who would possibly be interested in the project. Both men are best contacted through their social media accounts, found here and here.

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