Laura Loomer Threatens To Sue Pro-Trump Media Figures Following Rape Accusations

Attention-starved social media personality Laura Loomer is having a meltdown on social media after being accused of inappropriate sexual behavior. She is threatening pro-Trump commentators Cassandra Fairbanks and Lauren Southern as she grows unhinged as she desperately tries to squelch these rumors.

“Laura thinks that this is over her hitting on someone I dated. That’s false. That was the excuse I used to be able to tell her to f-ck off,” Fairbanks said in a Tweet. She would go on to refer to Loomer as “Harvey Weinstein with a vag.”

“Between people she’s blackmailing and the person she raped, my issues with her are hardly the worst,” Fairbanks said. She would later delete the tweets, but not before they were saved and re-posted on other social media accounts.

Loomer responded to Fairbanks by claiming that “she will be hearing from my lawyer.” This prompted another Trump-supporting female YouTube personality, Lauren Southern, to jump into the fracas.

“Based on reports that you and I both know exist, I have a feeling that Cass will be just fine,” Southern said, as a retort to Loomer. Loomer responded in a classless manner by calling Southern a “vile Canadian c-nt” who would “also be named in [her] lawsuit.”

Following her immature outburst, Loomer went right back to playing the victim.

“As a society, we need to have a serious conversation about opportunistic women making false accusations of rape,” Loomer said. “This is even worse for men!”

However, Laura Loomer has been caught red handed demonstrating predatory behavior before. She once cornered a man while tanked and attempted to force herself on him. This shameful and bizarre display was recorded, and shared throughout social media months ago – turning Loomer into a laughingstock.

Is this particular instance of Loomer’s aggressive behavior merely an aberration, or is this apart of a longer trend of Loomer forcing herself on unsuspecting and uninterested men? Southern claims that she is considering doing an in-depth video about the depths of Loomer’s predations in the near future.


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