Lawyer For Man Ticketed In Own Driveway: Cop “Has No Heart or No Brain”

Nick Somberg, representing attorney for Taylor Trupiano – the Michigan man recently ticketed for warming up his car in his own driveway – isn’t mincing words when it comes to his feelings about the case.

In a statement to The Liberty Conservative, Somberg said he feels it is his duty to take the case – pro bono – and ensure that the citation is dismissed. “I find the conduct of this police officer reprehensible,” said Somberg. “He either has no heart or no brain.”

The Rochester Hills attorney also objected to Roseville police chief James Berlin’s suggestion that the ticket was issued due to public safety concerns about vehicle theft. “So to protect Mr. Trupiano from having his car stolen, they’re trying to steal his money instead,” blazed Somberg, who also noted that he had set up a GoFundMe page to buy Trupiano and his family a remote starter for their car.

Taylor Trupiano, who was hit with a $128 ticket after starting his car and leaving it to warm up in his driveway, posted the citation to facebook, where it has accumulated nearly 15,000 shares in just one week.

According to Somberg, no Michigan law prohibits someone from warming a car in their own driveway, and no Roseville ordinance prohibits leaving a car unattended.

Roseville police, for their part, insist that unattended vehicles present a public safety risk, increase incidents of vehicle theft, and raise insurance rates.

“This is private property, this is a private vehicle. He’s not on a public road he’s not at a meter,” said Somberg. “What right do the cops have to tell a man he can’t try to warm up his car on his own property?”

Joel Kurtinitis is a columnist for the Des Moines Register, contributing editor for The Liberty Conservative, and operations director for the US Federalist Party.

Joel was a Regional Director for Ron Paul 2012 and served on the State Central Committee of the Republican Party of Iowa. He co-founded Liberty Iowa in the wake of the Paul campaign, and organized the Free DC Project during the government shutdown of 2013.

When not busy setting the virtual world aflame with controversy, Joel is actually an okay guy who enjoys reading, cooking, chess, bluegrass music, and an occasional foray into fiction writing. Joel and his family live in Des Moines, IA.


  1. He could have bought a remote start for the car for just a FEW dollars more than the ticket. Also, go fund me for a remote start avg. $150 to $200. WTH? But he can pay a lawyer?????????

    • I see that reading is your strong suit. It says Mr. Somberg is taking the case pro bono.

      • I did miss the pro bono, so sue me. We’re talking about a $128 ticket. We’re not talking about damages or loss of work or discrimination here.

        • That’s right, everyone. Just eat the crap and pay up. Just $120. Everyone has that just laying around. How dare this guy not own a remote starter.
          These garbage ordinances need to be repealed asap.

  2. It’s bullshit how the police get away with robbing us all day and night simply because it’s cheaper to pay up than to fight back! Mr. Somberg’s actions and the negative press surrounding this tells cities that our police need to spend their time protecting rather than predating their community… He’s a hero to the common man!

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