Leftist Comedian Admits To Drugging Minor For Sex Acts In Shocking Audio Clip

Leftist comedian Jim Jefferies has been cashing in on the anti-Trump craze in recent months. His Comedy Central program, “The Jim Jefferies Show” focuses primarily upon deriding the President of the United States. But a clip from Jefferies’ past shows him to be a hypocrite at best, and a predator at worst.

On a podcast predating the #MeToo controversy, Jefferies openly boasted about giving illegal drugs to a 17-year-old girl and fornicating with her. Name-dropping Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher and movie actor Russell Brand, Jefferies described the story in grizzly detail to an interviewer.

“I f-cked her at the end of a festival when she was performing in a play with her grandfather. Back then, she was 17 years old,” Jefferies said. He claimed he didn’t know that she was underage, but then immediately justified it by saying it is the age of consent in the United Kingdom.

Jefferies is referring to Georgina Baillie, a former member of the “Satanic Sluts.” After her encounter with Jefferies, she developed a serious drug problem. She has since cleaned up and become a serious actress, but Jefferies enabled her addiction by giving her illegal drugs prior to the sexual exploits.

“I did ply her full of ectstacy,” Jefferies said, noting that he just gave her the drugs to do voluntarily. He would go on to brag to everyone he could in the comedy community that he had sex with this underaged girl.

After Jefferies’ television show ‘Legit’ was cancelled by FXX following two seasons, the depraved atheist comedian has reinvented himself as a paragon of virtue as he lectures the American public about the evils of Trump and the virtues of gun control. Jefferies’ past in his own words shows an immense amount of hypocrisy though, similar to Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken and other disingenuous predators of the political left.


  1. Jim Jefferies also in a drunken dejected rage threatened to dig feces out of a woman’s colon with a fork because she would not have sex with him. The lady’s name is Justine Jolie and it was on an episode of the Opie & Anthony Show.

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