Lessons for Losers – You don’t Win them All

Earlier this year, there was a lot of noise from Texas individuals who wanted to secede from the Union. They were fed up with how they perceived the direction of the country. Now that Donald Trump has won, an effort has started in California to secede from the Union.

I just have one question: will the people in California and Texas grow up? As far as that goes, will the fans of Hillary Clinton who are funding Dr. Jill Stein’s recount grow up, also?

I do not blame Dr. Stein for ordering these recounts. In fact, I must tip my cap to her because she is being a very shrewd politician. She lost, but she has a vision for America and she needs to get that message out. In order to get that message out, she needs to increase her name ID. Dr. Stein is demonstrating that she is a fighter and she is gaining new recruits as she preaches hope to those who just faced a humiliating defeat. She is using the recount to grow her fundraising list while increasing her name ID.

While I do not blame Dr. Stein, I do think that anyone who has donated to Dr. Stein’s recount efforts needs a lesson in how votes are counted. Voting machines do not make 1% mistakes in counting your vote. You put the same ballots through the same machine, the results are going to be pretty much the same. Donating your money to the recount effort is a losing proposition for you because you no longer have that money. It is a losing proposition for your cause because it makes you look like a sore loser. It is a winning proposition for the “hated” lawyers who are being paid millions of dollars to stand in a room to watch the machines kick out almost the exact same vote counts.

Secession from the Union is not the answer and neither is meaningless recounts of election results. I might understand a recount if Hilary lost by 500 votes, as Al Gore did in Florida in the 2000 election. However, even then, a recount cannot be cherry picked, it needs to be fair to all parties. If every vote really counts, then order a recount in every state in the Union.

Golden State Warriors Lost, but they are Working to be Better

In 2016, during the NBA finals, the Golden State Warriors were up 3 games to 1 to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Golden State Warriors squandered that lead and they watched as the Cleveland Cavaliers celebrated an NBA championship on their home court. Rather than enjoying another ticker tape parade in the streets of Oakland, the ticker tape parade was enjoyed in the city of Cleveland.

Just because the Golden State Warriors lost the NBA Finals, you do not see their fans demanding that the team leave the NBA in order to start a new league. Sure, there was plenty of controversy on talk radio over the ways that Golden State fans believe that they were cheated out of a second straight NBA championship. The fans complained, but generally speaking, the fans are now focused on the 2016-2017 NBA Championship. There is no use bringing legal action to force the NBA to give Golden State Warriors the trophy.

Golden State Warriors are considered by many to be the best team in the NBA. However, they did not win the championship so, during the off-season, they went out and retained Kevin Durant. They added Kevin Durant to their roster because they wanted to make a good team great.

In most people’s eyes, Hillary Clinton loss to Donald Trump is similar to the Golden State Warriors’ collapse in the NBA finals. Hillary Clinton was going to walk all over Donald Trump and become the first woman president. However, Hillary Clinton and her team let off the gas early and they allowed Donald Trump to gain momentum in the final weeks.

Think Offensively

It does not matter if you are a Democrat, a Republican, a Libertarian, a Greeny, or a Liberty Conservative, you cannot change yesterday’s results so you must focus upon what you can do tomorrow. You must think offensively in how you can improve your message, your organization, and gain supporters so that your ideas change the United States and consequently the world.

As Liberty Conservatives, we must start working now to make sure we have candidates who represent our principles in the 2018 primaries. We need to be smart like Dr. Jill Stein and make sure that we are taking advantage of dead airtime to get our message out. Yes, Dr. Jill Stein’s airtime is a gimmick, but what Dr. Jill Stein is doing is no different than what Donald Trump did throughout 2015 and 2016. As Liberty Conservatives, we need to learn how to get the media to cover our message and our candidates. If we cannot obtain free media attention, we will always be disappointed by the limited success of the liberty movement.

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