Let The View and Antifa Both Have Their Say


While scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, from time to time I come across posts asking if The View should be canceled.

No doubt, the talk show format consists of a heavy amount of Trump-slamming. The hosts take every opportunity granted to them to ridicule and condemn President Donald Trump. When strong conservative women like Ann Coulter make an appearance presenting legitimate facts, the panel not only dismisses her viewpoints but also tries to shame her with short rants by washed up comedian Whoopi Goldberg followed by thunderous applause from the left-leaning audience.

For guests like Kellyanne Conway, Laura Ingraham, and Sarah Sanders, they know what they’re walking into when they agree to be a guest. Thus far, the majority of right-wing Republicans who voluntarily subject themselves into the lion’s den generally are well-prepared.

Yet, is it fair to say The View needs to be pulled from the air?

If it had something to do with network ratings, such as if they were losing viewers or cratering, then yeshoweverif it was for simply expressing their viewpoints, then no.


Conservatives need not fall into the liberal mindset or become easily offended by a difference of opinions. While The View may have gained momentum following last year’s agonizing election results; those who support the Republican agenda and loyal Trump supporters need to honor the First Amendment for all.

Since Nov. 2016, the media has glorified liberal temper tantrums and, in some cases, those liberals have shut down conservatives from speaking through violence and riots. It’s frustrating for conservatives to hear of situations where liberal ideals were freely expressed loudly and clearly, yet conservative opinions were met with shouting matches, death threats, false accusations, andin some casesphysical assaults.

While the Left’s approach is both immature and annoying, their choice to dishonor the Constitution is revealing their true desire to establish an authoritarian government.


Conservatives would prefer not to live under a Nazi regime, contrary to disingenuous Democrat accusations.

The real irony is watching ANTIFA members march and accuse the president of being a fascist. Yet, while they so strongly believe President Trump is a fascist, the President has never restricted them from speaking, marching or openly criticizing him. The president hasn’t jailed or executed anyone for speaking out against him, or even given an inclination that he would do so.

Could you imagine ANTIFA trying to march or protest in North Korea? Keep in mind, there’s a reason why psychotic Kim Jong-un always runs unopposed, winning 100 percent of the nation’s vote during each and every election.

As ANTIFA makes claims of oppression, they make them with police forces standing by to ensure their safety. Not to stop them, but ensure their safety. If Trump were to take military action in order to shut protests down, liberals would say it is an infringement on their rights as Americans. In that hypothetical scenario, they would be right.

However, we shift back to liberal logic. ANTIFA members are the ones trying to shut down free speech. Like Nazis, they try to bully their political opposition into silence and chase them off with threats and physical abuse. We saw it at Berkley University in California.

While demonizing the Trump Administration, the very thing ANTIFA opposes happens to be the very thing they have becomefascists. Similar to Nazis during the Jewish holocaust, ANTIFA dresses up in intimidating uniforms, carries their own flag, organizes marches, and overall does everything they can to intimidate conservatives in order to push them into hiding and frighten them into silence.

The ANTIFA organization is a modern day fascist violent extremist organization trying to get people on board with their cause through fear.

Knowing the truth of who ANTIFA really is leads to the reason conservatives nowmore than everneed to not only resist the left’s attempts as silencing the right, but also be mature enough to help them understand the honor and privilege to live in a nation where they can speak out against leaders without the threat of being jailed or executed. We cannot lose our principles in the midst of this turmoil.


So, while the The View panel, The Late Show with Steven Colbert, The Daily Show, MSNBC, and CNN continue their underhanded and classless verbal assaults against the president; and as ANTIFA continues to contradict themselves by carrying out the very ideology they supposedly despise, it is up to conservatives to help remind the self-proclaimed progressives what freedom and democracy are supposed to look like.

An example was in 2009 when the Tea Party descended on Washington D.C.

During that time, no one got hurt. No one started a fight. No one was arrested. Participants even picked up their garbage. Civil conversations between anti-Tea Party protesters supporters of the movement were almost always peaceful.

To march in groups dressed in ISIS apparel picking fights with politicians and conservatives (verbally and physically) is not the way to bring about change. To live under those guidelines is exactly how Nazi Germany conducted themselves in the 1940’s or how the North Korea of today is operating.

In fact, the more violent they get, the more Americans are likely to see liberals as terrorists and not as the party of supposed change. Conservatives should not simply back down to threats from puny liberal college students throwing temper tantrums in their ear, yet remain patient and compassionate enough to show them how to conduct a civil conversation and express ideas in a fair and American way.

Matthew Cassady is a freelance business writer supporting numerous companies with their content needs. Over the course of his 20-year career, Cassady has worked as a newspaper reporter, copywriter, corporate trainer, and now freelance business writer and Liberty Conservative contributor.

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  1. The View shouldn’t be cancelled, but I wouldn’t want to patronize anyone advertising on this evil program. Let the left pay for their own until they can’t.

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