Liberalism as a Blind Faith Religion


In the book of Hebrews, chapter eleven verse one, the Bible defines faith as being the substance of hope in things unseen. Those of us who are skeptical of the claims found in supposedly holy texts know that this is only half correct; in addition to hope in things unseen, religious faith is the denial of that which can be seen. The evidence for a godless universe is abundant and has brought us to a day and age in which the concept of a supernatural creator may be dismissed with a quick reference to Occam’s infamous razor: The God Theory is no longer necessary to explain the origin of the universe and its innumerable contents. Religion may be useful to its adherents for a great many things – a moral foundation, community, etc – but as far as answering the biggest questions about our world and the cosmos, it’s been weighed and measured and found wanting.

And yet, the blind faith in a personal supreme being persists. The point of this article isn’t to expound upon the various arguments against the existence of the divine, the point is that religious faith is an undying force of human nature. It’s what keeps Ken Ham in business and Kirk Cameron semi-relevant. It’s why snake oil salesmen like Joel Osteen are rich and I suspect it’s what allowed Tammy Bakker’s hair to defy the law of gravity for so many years. It’s a powerful phenomenon but it isn’t confined only to the halls of tax-exempt mega churches.

We on the Right understand government is a necessary evil, one to be restrained and stripped of power whenever possible. Our unique constitution is a libertarian document written by men who firsthand experienced and defeated the tyranny of an autocrat who disrespected the natural rights of his tormented subjects. Our founders passed on to us a heritage of doubt and suspicion of governments and those who seek power and the expansion of state control over the minutiae of our lives. Through the years since our nation’s founding, we have born witness time and again to the horrific excesses of government gone wild. The 20th century alone saw democide taken to extremes that were once unimaginable. The Maos, Stalins, Pol Pots, and Hitlers of the world are proof positive that of the term “necessary evil”, evil is the operative word.

Perhaps we should be bold enough to question whether it is even necessary.

The blood of hundreds of millions has vindicated the founders’ doubt and suspicions, but despite a century of mass death, those on the Left persist in their blind faith religion of state worship. Liberals pride themselves on despising organized religion (unless it’s Islam) and Christianity is their favorite target. They would never identify themselves as religious, indeed, they would more than likely be insulted by the comparison. But it’s more than a comparison. It’s a fact that they are as religious as the Christians they mock and loath.

Take for instance the liberal insistence that healthcare and college be “free” services provided by the government. All that stands in the way of implementing these policies is the selfishness and greed of the one percent class that refuses to pay its “fair share”, whatever that means. To the liberal, manna from heaven will be showered upon the masses so long as sufficient tithe is paid to the cleric class in the holy city of Washington, D.C.

The religiosity of the Left doesn’t end with tithing and manna. The cornerstone of the world’s major religions is the concept that the supreme being possesses powers and rights that are inaccessible and forbidden to mere mortals. The atrocities wrought upon mankind in the biblical Old Testament by Yahweh are crimes against humanity when committed by humans. But when God commits these acts they are righteous and praiseworthy. If you or I rob our neighbors at gunpoint and give the ill-gotten loot to the needy it is theft, regardless of our intentions. If government extorts us and wastes our money on failing anti-poverty measures it isn’t theft, it’s taxation and compassion.

At least muggers have the honest, common decency to steal from us themselves, our friends on the Left won’t do their own dirty work, they have their false god do it for them. And despite decades of failures – unsustainable entitlements, trillions spent on a failed war on poverty, wretched public education results, etc. – the Left persists in their blind faith belief that as long as government becomes ever more powerful, their outlandish adoration of the state will be validated by long awaited triumphs that remain as far out of reach as the second coming of Christ.

The most eagerly anticipated victory for our liberal friends is the long prophesied demise of President Donald Trump. From the start of his campaign for high office, the talking heads and his challengers in both major parties disparaged his effort and prognosticated his doom. Despite a non-stop parade of gaffes, some real and some imagined, Mr. Trump prevailed over his enormously flawed opponent and yet, despite the clear proof of his indefatigable prowess, the Left continues with the prophecies of his coming collapse.

That brings us to Russia.

The Democrats simply can’t admit that losing the election was their fault. The evidence of their shortcomings as an organization and the shortcomings of their candidate is vast and obvious to those not in the throes of religious mania. But to the Left, the evidence doesn’t matter because they refuse to admit it exists in the first place. They need a Satan to scapegoat. They need sexism and racism and Russia to justify their denial of realities the rest of us take for granted.

There exists no evidence of Russian tampering with our election. There exists no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin. The DNC wasn’t hacked, the e-mails released by Wikileaks were not transmitted by Moscow. Still, the crusade continues in congress and in the court of public opinion where crucifixions occur on a daily basis. Desperate to placate their unhappy base of voters, the Democratic Party incessantly promises that there must be something to confirm their accusations. Just wait. Jesus will be back anytime. Satan will be crushed under his heel. Just wait a little longer.

The Democrats don’t have two thousand years. They have until the 2018 midterm elections to get their act together and if they can’t deliver on their blind faith allegations of Russian meddling, the congregants of the Church of Liberalism might just turn the flaccid might of their religious hysteria on their beloved priests and priestesses. The papists believe that when receiving the communion sacraments – the wine and wafer – they are consuming the body and blood of Christ via a bizarre and morbid process known as Transubstantiation. Give the Left another two years of being disappointed by their clerics in the capital and we’ll see them too turn into cannibals.

Ultimately, claims of Russian interference in our election on behalf of President Trump will be added to the long and growing list of liberal failures. There is no smoking gun. There is no smoke, there is no fire. Like the Ossuary of James, brother of Jesus, the Russian connection is a hoax like the minimum wage, the inherent peacefulness of Islam, and the greatness of Barack Obama. The Left’s saviors are failures and their dogma is hollow. Liberalism isn’t an ideology, it’s a cult. The investigation into President Trump’s Russian ties is a hunt for heretics to burn. Christianity eventually outgrew its bloodlust and became a bulwark of civilization. We can’t hold out much hope that the same will happen for the religion of state worship.

UPDATE: The term “regicide” was originally used in this article to denote deaths caused by governments. The correct word is “democide” and the article has been edited accordingly. MR 4/30/2017

By day, Michael Rodgers is a logistics specialist in the aerospace industry. By night, he is an Associate Editor for the Liberty Conservative. He lives and drinks profusely in Dover, New Hampshire.


  1. Your reasons for looking at “Liberalism As a Blind Faith Religion” aren’t convincing at all, Michael Rodgers. Take this reason, for instance: “The Democrats … need a Satan to scapegoat” Hillary R. Clinton’s epic defeat. Or this: “The investigation into President Trump’s Russian ties is a hunt for heretics to burn.” I mean, don’t you need to, at least, identify who all these “Democrats” are, by name, so as to stand by your two statements? Name me just one or two “Democrats” who “need a Satan to scapegoat” and are on “a hunt for heretics to burn”; and I promise you I’ll be looking at “Liberalism As a Blind Faith Religion” from now on.

    • Hi HpO, thanks for reading the article. You could have spent that time doing something else, I appreciate it.

      I don’t need to name anyone in the Democratic Party in order to stand by my statements.

      Thanks again for reading.

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