Liberals In State of Confusion


Since the election, it appears the left has been in a state of confusion. Trump’s victory has created an entirely different form of left-wing progressives who appear to be going through an unusual transition. It was on full display this past weekend when protesters took to the streets across America demonstrating against Sharia Law.

Sharia Law is an Islamic system of law that, if followed explicitly, would call for the death of those opposed to their religion, promote female genitalia mutilation, allow girls as young as 9-years-old to get married, require women to be slaves to their husbands, and prevent women from even testifying against her rapist.

In a world with common sense, it would be understandable for Americans to send Muslims a message stating that these types of laws and policies will not under any circumstances be permitted. Sharia Law promotes slavery of women, pedophilia, and dismemberment of body parts for the smallest offenses. America cannot become like Saudi Arabia.

Yet, surprisingly, liberals who feel sorrow for Muslims confronted those marching against Sharia Law. The irony is those in opposition were liberals. People of the far left interpreted their resistance as a social justice issue. However, they are obviously unaware of what Sharia Law really entails. Blind tolerance has made them put aside the very ideals they stand on to support a religion that is anything but liberal. Most appalling of all were the feminists in attendance.

To support Sharia Law is taking feminism in the wrong direction. Standing up for Sharia Law means falling far further back than a stereotypical 1950’s housewife. It requires being a slave to the husband. In fact, women do not even get a say in their marriage and cannot divorce her husband without his consent. This is in complete contradiction to the goals of the feminist movement.

How is it that conservative women are clearer on what Sharia Law means than liberal women are?

Even for women who are stay-at-home moms, they certainly do not want to be known as a man’s property. They do not desire to be hidden from the world under clothing that covers everything but the eyes. Conservative women want equality as well, and they do not want to be set back because tolerant liberals bowed to a religion that would kill them to honor their prophet, who wants all opposed to the Koran to be killed.

Muslims don’t support the LGBTQ.

In fact, they prefer them dead. In typical fashion, liberals quickly deflect the argument to Christians who oppose the LGBTQ as well. What that argument neglects is the difference in beliefs. As Christianity still calls believers to love those who choose a different lifestyle, Muslims are taught to rid the world of homosexuality through mass slaughter through a strict interpretation of Sharia Law. This is the same type of cleansing Hitler was trying to achieve with Jews, disabled people, and homosexuals.

As we see many liberals who claim Muslims are peaceful and have Muslim friends, the reality is both the nice Muslim and fundamental terrorist Muslim read from the same book. The book that does, in fact, call for the death of those who resist Islamic fundamentalists.

Finally, the most solid evidence liberals are in a state of confusion, is how they screamed “Neo Nazi!” at conservatives protesting against Sharia Law.

Nazi’s were very controlling and wanted superiority over races, calling for the deaths of homosexuals, Jews, and anyone who opposed their propaganda. This seems very similar to how Islamic extremist terrorists operate. Hitler even allied with Muslims in his quest to exterminate the Jews. Conservatives have historically stood in opposition to that type of fundamentalism.

The counter-protest shows that the Democratic Party must be in somewhat of a state of confusion, evident by their resistance toward those who opposed Sharia Law. Of course, this could be nothing more than an immature temper tantrum against a policy Trump supports.

If that’s true, one conclusion that could be drawn in the mind of a selfish liberal is that it would be better to destroy America and adhere to Muslim laws and ideals than to live in a nation under a Republican president. This irrational line of thinking puts aside the safety of all Americans just to defiantly put their middle finger up to our president.

Matthew Cassady is a freelance business writer supporting numerous companies with their content needs. Over the course of his 20-year career, Cassady has worked as a newspaper reporter, copywriter, corporate trainer, and now freelance business writer and Liberty Conservative contributor.


  1. It is a result of what Reagan said. The left is not ignorant they just know so much that is not so. They have created an alternate reality with domination of the media. They the thought this creation was reality. They thought that the vast majority of people agreed with them and those that didn’t were fringe pockets. That had Obama which people would support because of skin color and finally chance to prove we are not a racist country but the policies were not liked. We have seen Democrats lose over 1000 elected offices because the policy and direction was objected to.

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